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James Webb Telescope Update from NASA 12/8/2021

The James Webb Space Telescope: Unfolding the Universe

I came across this while looking for potential STEM group resources, so am sharing.

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Earth-like biospheres on other planets may be rare

This is an interesting article on Science Daily. Seems that the conditions on Earth could be far rarer than we think. [1] So we are looking for Earth Like atmospheres, the JWST will really help push this research forward.

Please feel free to discuss further on discourse [2]l. I have also included a link to a infographc, on atmosphere composition in our own solar system [3]

Comment and questions on this.

I just wondered what the range of conditions could support life, for example is there a minimum and corresponding percentage range for Oxygen for example. The same would go for other gasses for example Nitrogen, $CO_2$ etc. Hopefully we can learn more about what is needed for life, so we perhaps increase our chances of finding possible habitable words. This, of course is assuming all life requires Oxygen We have found life in or near volcanoes on Earth, conditions are very hot, and inhospitable to humans generally, not to mention the Sulfur Dioxide and other toxic gasses.

I will try and look in to this further.


1 Main Article 2 Discourse Discussion 3 Compound Chemistry – Solar System Atmospheres


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