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Overleaf Webinars August / September 2020

Overleaf are presenting their introductory Webinars in August and September.

If you are new to Overleaf then these are really useful to learn about the features from Beginner to Advanced.

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Physics news 4th August 2020

I asked about this on Twitter earlier. More to ask if I was right in thinking a dimuon was two muons together.

The full article can be found below.

Lots of interesting things happening at FermiLab then.

“US CMS is very proud to acknowledge the significant impact made by its members in deploying innovative analysis techniques, including cutting-edge AI methods, which were critical in establishing the evidence for Higgs boson decays into a muon and antimuon pair,” 

It may be an idea to have an understanding, or a copy of the standard model of particle physics to hand.

This is also being discussed on the qoto discourse instance. Where there is also an updated standard model graphic.

You may also find Science Forums a good place to discuss.

This has also prompted me to try and figure out how to typeset the basic equation in LaTeX.

\$$H\longrightarrow \mu^{–} + \overline{\mu^{+}} $

So to quote the $\textit{}$ website

  • Please ignore the $'s at either side of the equation, these will be removed at some point.

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In an update to my previous post the learn LaTeX resource has now developed really nicely in to an excellent resource.

You can have a go at the exercises using Overleaf or the built in editor.

This resource is now progressing really nicely. Joseph Write did a presentation on this at Tug2020


You can ask questions on LaTeX forums here

If you do need some help then I can mostly be found on Qoto STEM focused Mastodon instance within the fediverse. I do login to the LaTeX forums from time to time. I seem to be on ScienceForums quite a lot these days discussing either Chemistry, Astronomy or Astrophysics.

Note: I am just trying to promote the above websites, I am hoping that my basic chemistry tutorial can complement.

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A week of LaTeX related activities

Last weekend July 24-26, 2020, saw this years TUG conference go virtual. This was great for those of us who can't normally attend these sorts of events.

A good few interesting and useful talks. I didn't attend all of them, but the ones I did included:

  • Eric Mc Sween – Integrating a new TeXLive in to Overleaf
  • Jim Hefferon – A new set of LaTeX packages

As the videos are going to be put online, I will catch up lter. Joseph Wright's talk on LearnLaTeX is interesting too.

Following this, on Thrusday 30th July I attended the webinar on “How to Create Professional Looking Documents In-House”. This was interesting but a little bit beyond my use case.

However it did demonstrate what Overleaf is capable of, so something I would recommend to others.

The webinar also refereed to the Jupyter editor which again looks interesting. The Overleaf webinar, will be available online soon.

In all an interesting week, I need to catch up on the talks, I have downloaded the pdf on LaTeX packages, as I took notes so now have a nice list of useful packages that can serve quite a few use cases when creating documents.


TUG 2020

This years Tug TeX User conference is between Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th 2020.

The schedule is up on the Tug website.


Overleaf Webinar write up from 09/7/2020

I attended another Webinar presented by Overleaf, the cloud based, collaborative text editor.

This webinar focused on “Organizing and Managing your Overleaf Projects”.

Again really well presented and it covered project ownership, and the rights this gives you, e.g you can't rename a project that has been shared with you.

Also covered folders and tags, the differences between project archiving and deletion. Along with more about what is found on the dashboard, searching for projects for example. Well worth taking a look at in the previous webinar recordings.

In the meantime there is a TUG virtual conference near the end of July (24th –> 26th). Please see link below for details.

Next webinar

The next Webinar is on 30th July and will cover How to Create Professional Looking Documents In-House.


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Writefull is a plug-in for Google Chrome designed to complement the cloud based Overleaf LaTeX editor by facilitating the checking of your document for errors such as grammar and spelling.

You can read more about this here

This is a really valuable tool if you are involved in writing academic texts, as it designed for that level of text processing in mind. However it is a welcome tool if you're using Overleaf in general.


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Collaboration with Overleaf

I attended the Overleaf Effective Collaboration webinar on Wednesday 20th May. This proved, once again to be very informative, useful and complements the other webinars nicely.

This webinar, specifically covered the features available to the different users of the system, the main difference with the free accounts includes the number of user who can collaborate and version history tracking.

I recently came across an excellent Overleaf curated article / report from 2017 on The Connected Culture of Collaboration Report

The document (pdf) can be downloaded free from the website and there is a citation guide too, if this is needed for your own articles or papers.

The webinar will be available on demand in due course.


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More Trinket Coding

Trinket is a web based development platform. One of it's features is the programming language blocks, which is in fact a block based front end and creates Python programs.

I am sharing these on my blog today, even though I also shared earlier in the week on LinkedIn and also on Twitteras part of the Paignton Library Virtual Code Club.

Drawing a circle


And the associated output


Drawing a star


And the associated output


I am working on a book to update my previous Nested loops guide I wrote a few years ago. This needed updating anyway so it would cover Scratch 3.0. This book / guide is work in progress, and will be typeset in $\LaTeX$ using Overleaf

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In an update to my previous post the learn LaTeX resource is progressing really nicely.

This site is designed to give people a basic introduction to LaTeX, and it does a really good job of doing this. It also integrates with Oveleaf which which a really useful feature.


You can connect with me on LaTeX forums here

Note: I am just trying to promote the above websites, I am hoping that my basic chemistry tutorial can complement.

Happy to help give support people via IRC too.

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