Typesetting Math multiplication

There are several different ways to express multiplication in Mathematics. As \LaTeX is (or can be) used to typeset mathematical and scientific expressions. The following may be useful.

In general we use the $\ce{\times}$ symbol to express multiplication, for example 12 $\ce{\times}$ 6

This can be type set using

 12 $\ce{\times}$ 6 

However it may also be expressed with * in which case we just use

12 * 6

In algebra, this can be expressed as:


Where A is 12 and B is 6

However you may come across the use of a dot

12 $\ce{\cdot}$ 6

In which case we use

12 $\ce{\cdot}$ 6



This could be useful for typesetting the notation we used in the November stem group meeting for determining the speed of light

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