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Debian how_to videos

I am working on some very short how_to videos for the Debian operating system.

These may be rather random, but hopefully they are useful.



Home Chemistry 12

I have made a video where I give a basic introduction to using the Molecular solutions calculator from Physiology Web.

I am just using Citric Acid as an example of how the calculator works.

This is a good tool to double check your calculations.

I have uploaded what I hope is an improved version of this.


#Chemistry,#HomeChemistry,#HomeChemistry12,#MolarSolutions, #Calculator

Yet More Twitter concerns

As mentioned in previous posts, Twitter is becoming more and more toxic by the day thanks to the current policies.

As this mastodon post highlights

So clearly there are serious issues with regard to mis-information and hate.

The following highlights other abuse that is now going unchecked.

Take note : Twitter can NO LONGER protect users.

I used to understand the argument that twitter is NEEDED to reach followers. This does not really justify staying on a platform that supports hate. Doing this makes YOU the problem too.

Code Club 1/4/2023

Paignton Library code club 1/4/2023 10 am to 12:00, Happy to stay till 13:00.

Paignton Library code club is picking up nicely, lots of cool stuff going on.

The core code club activities are still available. If you have been Scratch or other block based coding for a while then you may want to start looking at the next stage. which could be useful if starting with the Raspberry Pi.

I have included a link to the GNU/Linux command line BASH shell tutorials,

If you would like to start undertaking more with Python, we have 4 copies of the Python for beginners book on the shelf, and there is a copy in the Library which can be borrowed. The Pis and laptops / netbooks do have Python installed. But it may just be easier to get a account

Going further, the two laptops I gave out on the 7th have the GoDot game engine installed, this is for creating more advanced games, the main language for this is GD Script.

For those of you working on Responsive web design then this seems to be going really well.

There are also some contests you can get involved with, some of these are listed below.


Iceland and banks

We won't ever learn, once again greedy banks need to be bailed out, why not let the banks go bust and prosecute the bankers for causing the problem in the first place.



Why are we rewriting history.

In another disturbing twist as to how right wing racist are trying to rewrite history to remove references to race.

This can't be allowed to happen, one way to fight this is to share what is going on, preserve the ORIGINAL story narrative so that future generations know full well Rosa was asked to move due to HER COLOR.


#History #CriticalRaceTheory #WhiteSupremacy #Misinformation #ThereIsOnlyOneTruth

American football – Trojans Training 26/3/2023 – repost

The next session is on Sunday 26th March 2023, Foxhole, 10am to 13:00. New players welcome.

Video: Setting up some training drills



#Trojans,#Football,#Training,#TorbayTrojans, #AlwaysTrojan.


We are Agaric Technology Collective, a worker-owned cooperative. We build websites and online tools that respect your freedom. We provide training and consultation to meet your goals.

Please see their website for information. They were presenting at this years LibrePlanet conference.




Snowdrift is a “Crowdmatching for public goods” which aimed to help fund free software and other projects.

There is a short, informative video on their website