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STEM Badge 50 hours engagement 2021/2022

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Expanded Functional groups in Organic Chemistry

Compound Chemistry have some really good resource. From time to time some of these are expanded with even more information.

fuctional groups

Adds some more functional groups what is already a really good resource.



World Cup 2022 – 4

Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022

Friday 9th Dec


Winner E v F Runner-up15:00Winner G v H Runner-up Winner A v Winner b 19:00Winner C v D Runner-up

Saturday 10th Dec


Winner F v E Runner-up15:00Winner H v G Runner-up Winner B v A Runner-up19:00Winner D v C Runner-up


Shymyder Cup

On Saturday 3rd December, there was a Charity American Football game taking place in Bristol UK. The trojans put forward several players.

This game is for charity and will see Team USA take on Team Europe

Team Europe 39 ish – 12 USA

cup info

Game recording



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A new supercomputer simulation animates the evolution of the universe

The infant universe transforms from a featureless landscape to an intricate web in a new supercomputer simulation of the cosmos’s formative years.

An animation from the simulation shows our universe changing from a smooth, cold gas cloud to the lumpy scattering of galaxies and stars that we see today. It’s the most complete, detailed and accurate reproduction of the universe’s evolution yet produced, researchers report in the November Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Another step forward in our understanding of the Universe.


#Space,#Computing.#Astronomy.#History,#Universe,Simulation, #Supercomputer,#CosmicDawnProject

World Cup 2022 – 3

Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022

Saturday 3rd Dec

Round of 16

Group A 15:00Group B Second Place Group C Winner19:00Group D Second Place

Sunday 4th Dec

Round of 16

Group D Winner15:00Group C Second Place Group B England 19:00Group A Second Place Senegal

Monday 5th Dec

Round of 16

Group E Winner15:00Group F Second Place Group G Winner19:00Group H Second Place

Tuesday 6th Dec

Round of 16

Group F Winner15:00Group E Second Place Group H Winner19:00Group G Second Place


Star formation : HST vs JWST

This was posted to Mastodon (where all the really cool people are btw). A short video by Swapna Krishna Author of A POCKET GUIDE TO STARGAZING.

This video compares images of a star forming region taking using both the HST and JWST, great illustration on how the image data differs when the same area is viewed using the JWST Infra red capabilities.




EmacsConf 2022

Emacs logo

EmacsConf 2022



End Violence against Men and Boys

Just been discussing something similar to this on Mastodon and this lead to the following being sent as part of the conversation.

Interesting proposal from the The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Men and Boys is pushing the government to put in place a parallel VAMB to cover the same types of intimate violence covered in VAWG, because the current system is ridiculous as presented below.

Current idea

Proposal can be found here

This sounds very sensible to me as there seems no logic or common sense in suggesting a man or boy who is subjected to violence is classified as violence against a Woman.

Some stats

• 97% of workplace fatalities are men • 90% of rough sleepers are men • 88% of homeless deaths occur in men • 75% of suicides are male • 73% of homicide victims are male • 73% of adults who ‘go missing’ are men • 72% of male prisoners suffer from two or more mental disorders • 68% of drugs misuse deaths occur in men • Men are more disadvantaged in 68% of countries • Men get 63% harsher sentences than women for the same crimes • 62% of men have a chance of being bailed, while for women that figure is 80% • 60% of victims of violence are men • Men serve 53% of their sentence but women serve 48% • 50% of all rape victims are men • 12.5% of men are suffering from one of the common mental health disorders • 8.7% of men are alcohol dependent (nearly three times more likely than women) • Only 36% of referrals to IAPT (Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies) are men

All data for the UK or England & Wales from:



YH4F Year 2

The coding contest Youth Hacking 4 Freedom launches its second edition

The registration for the second edition of “Youth Hacking 4 Freedom ", the FSFE’s hacking competition for teenagers from all over Europe, has started. This contest offers young people aged between 14 and 18 the opportunity to challenge themselves, meet like-minded people and win cash prizes.