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Libreoffice 7

A video showing the features of the new Libreoffice 7

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So following on from organic-chemistry-1. Lets have a quick look at another group: Alcohols.

SO following the same naming convention as Alkanes, we name Alcohols in a similar way.

  • Methanol ${CH3OH}$
  • Ethanal ${C2}{H5}{OH}$
  • Butanol ${C3H7}{OH}$
  • Propaol ${C4H9}{OH}$
  • Pentanol ${C5H11}{OH}$

So in the video below. I have taken Methane and Pentane and made Methanol and Pentanol respectively from these.

As an extension to this, we can of course also construct 3-Pentanol where the Functional alcohol group is on the 3rd carbon along the chain. See video below.

You may find Molview helpful for visualising molecules on your computer screen too. This could complement physical building which I find can help understanding further.

Hopefully this is helpful. Have fun.

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Nethack Vulture scores 5/8/2020

Just sharing my latest scores from Nethack-vulture. I am playing this on FreeBSD.


 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  1       1078  paul-Arc-Dwa-Mal-Law died in The Dungeons of Doom on
                level 7.  Killed by a dog, while helpless.              -  [33]
  2        987  paul-Bar-Hum-Fem-Neu died in The Dungeons of Doom on
                level 4 [max 5].  Killed by a homunculus, while
                helpless.                                               -  [44]

to generate the score type:

nethack -s at the command line. If you direct this in to a file with nethack -s >score.txt, then this will also include scores from previous games.


Overleaf Webinars August / September 2020

Overleaf are presenting their introductory Webinars in August and September.

If you are new to Overleaf then these are really useful to learn about the features from Beginner to Advanced.

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Organic Chemistry 1 (Basic Alkanes)

So following on from molecular-modelling-with-clay-part-1

I am going to stick to using the actual molymod kits. However, feel free to use clay if you don't have access.

So I have built

  • Methane ${CH4}$
  • Ethane ${C2}{H6}$
  • Butane ${C3H8}$
  • Propane ${C4H10}$
  • Pentane ${C5H12}$

I have presented how these look in the video below.

So this shows you what these molecules look like using spacefill.

And below is a basic construction guide.

The following infographic may be useful here.

organic molecule names

You may find Molview helpful for visualising molecules on your computer screen too. This could complement physical building which I find can help understanding further.

Further help and questions

If you would like any further help with chemistry (or any other science subject) then I have found ScienceForums to be a very useful, friendly and educational forum.

Free signup and there is a section there on homework help. As long as you follow the forum guidelines then someone should be able to help, don't forget to upvote any answers.

Feel free to tag me in to posts @paulsutton, I am sure there are others who may be more able to help with specific questions on science generally.

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Physics news 4th August 2020

I asked about this on Twitter earlier. More to ask if I was right in thinking a dimuon was two muons together.

The full article can be found below.

Lots of interesting things happening at FermiLab then.

“US CMS is very proud to acknowledge the significant impact made by its members in deploying innovative analysis techniques, including cutting-edge AI methods, which were critical in establishing the evidence for Higgs boson decays into a muon and antimuon pair,” 

It may be an idea to have an understanding, or a copy of the standard model of particle physics to hand.

This is also being discussed on the qoto discourse instance. Where there is also an updated standard model graphic.

You may also find Science Forums a good place to discuss.

This has also prompted me to try and figure out how to typeset the basic equation in LaTeX.

\$$H\longrightarrow \mu^{–} + \overline{\mu^{+}} $

So to quote the $\textit{}$ website

  • Please ignore the $'s at either side of the equation, these will be removed at some point.

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NASA SpaceApps 2020

NASA SpaceApps event is from 2nd to 4th October 2020 and those wishing to participate will need to register with NASA at from mid August.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and in the interest of our global community’s health and safety, NASA and the Space Apps Global Organizing Team have made the difficult decision to make the 2020 hackathon an all-virtual event. Each local virtual event will be hosted by one of our Space Apps Local Leads -- event leaders who will help connect registrants from their local communities to each other and to NASA. All participants will be invited to attend a global opening ceremony on October 2, which will be streamed on YouTube.

The South Devon Tech Jam is looking at perhaps putting a team together for this and will announce details in due course.

New course 3/8/2020

New course – How to teach yourself coding with Quizlet Founder Andrew Sutherland.

This may complement Paignton Code Club nicely. You can find more details here

I still need to complete the FreeCodeCamp course I am undertaking, I am also undertaking Teaching Primary Science : Chemistry With futurelearn.

Hopefully however, this is useful. I have shared on with Paignton Library on Twitter and with the Local Children and Young People partnership.


Super Container OS

Just found this on Mastodon. Super Container OS, a Debian-Based Live Distro with a Built-In #Container Engine.

Could be good for anyone who would like to get up and running quickly as it is also installable.

If you would like to discuss further please join Mastodon as I don't much about container technology.

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In an update to my previous post the learn LaTeX resource has now developed really nicely in to an excellent resource.

You can have a go at the exercises using Overleaf or the built in editor.

This resource is now progressing really nicely. Joseph Write did a presentation on this at Tug2020


You can ask questions on LaTeX forums here

If you do need some help then I can mostly be found on Qoto STEM focused Mastodon instance within the fediverse. I do login to the LaTeX forums from time to time. I seem to be on ScienceForums quite a lot these days discussing either Chemistry, Astronomy or Astrophysics.

Note: I am just trying to promote the above websites, I am hoping that my basic chemistry tutorial can complement.

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