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Grub boot menu

By default Debian using the Grub bootloader, if you want to change a few settings you can either edit the configuration files manually

There is a section in the Debian Administrators Handbook which covers Grub, and also the LILO boot loader(s).

If you are not comfortable with this then you can use a program such as grub-customizer.

apt install grub-customizer

So the first screen you see is a list of installed operating systems.


So you can fine tune which kernel or add extra parameters.

The next tab

General Settings

Allows you to customize how Grub works, you can change how long the Grub menu appears for, or hide it altogether.

You can also change how grub looks

appearance settings

Advanced tab should only be touched if you know what you are doing, here for reference anyway.


Don't forget to save your settings, however if you exit without saving then you will lose changes. This is good if you think you may have messed something up.


Intro to

This is a great video from Andy Colley on teaching with


Libreplanet 2021 call for sessions

The Call For Sessions deadline for (the fully-online) #LibrePlanet 2021 is coming up on October 28, and we want YOU to submit a session about how you're empowering users to take full control of their computing:


Ubuntu 20.10 release day

According to the Ubuntu release calender Ubuntu 20.10 ( Groovy Gorilla ) has been released today October 22, 2020

More information can be found here

Info: (based in Beta Release announcement

  • Gnome 3.38
  • Linux Kernel 5.8
  • 1GB ram when idling.

You can learn more on the Community page

Recommended spec for the previous release 20.04 was

CPU : 2 GHz dual core processor or better RAM : 4 GB system memory HDD Space : 25 GB of free hard drive space Other : Internet access is helpful Install media : DVD or USB

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope review

In post on 6th October I posted a link to the October lecture [1] from the Space Telescope Science Institute (2).

Here is a short review of the lecture:-

The first part of this was an overview of who Nancy Grace Roman was, he connection to NASA and the new space telescope. One of the early pioneers,got started with NASA and had real vision on how space could be studied.

The 2nd part of the lecture covered the new telescope, features, and how it is hoped it will be used, but there is far more potential for science here, it will produce massive amounts of data to keep people busy and new models on how to handle, and process this data will need to be utilised.

Exciting times ahead, from studying stars, supernovae, galaxies, looking for exo planets, stars with exoplanets as they pass in front of other stars, looking for dark matter and energy and much more.

There is a related lecture to this, which was from the 15th October

Next lecture is November 10th – Astronify

Previous lecture (Sailing across the local universe-with-ullyses) is here

This has an excellent explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum and how absorption works.


  1. Lecture Link
  2. Space Telescope Science Institute

Linux user group meeting October 2020

This Saturday is the forth Saturday of the month and therefore time for the monthly DC Lug meeting, this is being held via Details below:

DCGLUG virtual meeting (jitsi) Day / Date : Saturday 24/10/2020 Time : From 12:00 Location : Online – Meeting link

OSIRIS-REx mission

Yesterday, there was an update to the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission to collect and return a sample of dust from an asteroid.

This post was prompted by a BBC Science news report. The NASA mission page can also be found here.

NASA OSIRIS-REx mission page

Mission should return to earth in 2023.

Hopefully the sample collection went as planned.

Update 21/10/2020

Mission on the way back, sample collections went successfully, should return largest sample from a foreign body since Apollo.

Follow @OSIRISREx for updates.


Feel free to start a thread on Science Forums to discuss further.


National Chemistry Week 2020

18th to 24th October is National Chemistry week, so there are a few activities listed on the American Chemistry Society website out reach pages.

In recent chemistry news ScienceMagazine has an article on a Globular cluster in the Andromeda galaxy that appear to be deficient in elements heavier than Hydrogen and Helium.

This is interesting, there isn't that much information due to the need to sign in, but I would suspect the research papers may be more widely available in due course.



  1. American Chemistry Society

Get Online Week

This week 19-25 October is UK GetOnline week

Useful Links


Freedom respecting software

Privacy respecting.

Social media

Alternatives to facebook and twitter etc that respect user freedom, privacy and do not collect data

Exeter vs Racing 92

Heineken Champions Cup

Rugby Fixture

Saturday 17th October 16:45 @ Ashton Gate


  • Exeter — Racing 92 — Full time
  • Exeter — Racing 92 — (½ time)

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