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Torbay Trojans Training 1/5/2022

Next training session Sunday 1st May 2022 – 10-13:00 at Foxhole field.



Safeguarding Children

I have now completed 'Safeguarding children' with e-learning at work. Another really good course, and essential for anyone working with children. I also e-mailed them to give them some feedback on the course content.

I have included links to some of the key statutory documents in this post.

During this course you will hear many facts, figures and details surrounding the risk to children, the types of abuse suffered, how to recognise the signs of abuse and key safeguarding legislations put in place to minimise the abuse of children. Once you are able to recognise the signs of possible abuse, and know the steps you should take if you suspect it you will be better able to protect the children in your care.

The course covers the following modules:

    Introduction to Safeguarding Children
    Types of Abuse, who may carry it out and why children may not tell
    How to Recognise the Signs of Abuse
    What to do if you suspect a child is being
    Safeguarding Legislation

Safeguarding Children




Libre Graphics Club

Libre Graphics Club – learn how to use community developed image editing software & make ace flyers, posters, stickers, booklets, zines & more.

This appears to be happening on the 20th August via Big Blue Button, however sessions will be recorded. I will try and keep this post updated.



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Sexual Harassment in the work place

Just completed another course with e-learning at work. This a really useful course, a lot to take in, but an essential topic. I would encourage EVERYONE to undertake this training, then hold your employer to account. In the light of everyone's invited I would encourage Parent / Guardians to do the same, so that schools can be held to account too.

The third case study is very disturbing for another reason. Nothing was mentioned about those staff members (inc the headteacher) being struck off from teaching given what happened. You need to do the course to find out more.

This course will start by defining sexual harassment and explaining how protection comes from both employment law and criminal law. You'll see from workplace statistics how widespread and serious the problem is, and how the management response to concerns raised is often poor or non-existent. It also addresses how allegations should be handled, explains the importance of having clear and robust policies and the role line managers tend to take when it comes to dealing with these situations. The course also covers investigation from the employer's perspective, the role of employment tribunals, and concludes with some case studies that will give further insight into what constitutes harassment and the outcome of cases where the businesses did not act appropriately to deal with this behaviour.


Sexual Harassment Certificate



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Torbay Trojans – 1/8/2021

Torbay Trojans are training today from 10 am to 13:00. Foxhole community centre, Bellfield Road, Paignton.

A chance for the team to regroup and refocus before their next game.




Cybersecurity course

Just completed Cyber security with elearningAtWork

This short course will explain why cyber attacks and data breaches happen and provide practical advice on how to set up effective defences.

This online Cyber Security awareness course covers the following key areas:

  • Why cyber attacks and data breaches happen
  • Potential ‘cyber threat actors’ and the main motivations behind cyber attacks
  • How to recognise and deal effectively with phishing attempts
  • The importance of keeping passwords secure
  • Security for smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers
  • How to report a suspected cyber attack, and what to do if you genuinely make a mistake
  • The importance of cooperation and why working closely together helps overcome a wide range of cybersecurity issues.

Cyber Secutity


Anti Harassment and Bullying

Just completed Anti Harassment and Bullying with elearningAtWork

This course covers the commitments that will be laid out in your company's anti-harassment and bullying policy. It then explains the differences between harassment and bullying, the steps that can be taken if either of these occur in or out of work, and some case studies to illustrate the points covered throughout the course The course covers the following modules:

  • Policy Commitments, Harassment And Bullying
  • Informal Steps, Raising A Formal Complaint and
  • Investigations
  • Action Following Investigations
  • Case Studies

Anti Harassment and Bullying


Manual Handling course

Just completed Manual Handling with elearningAtWork

There are a total of 6 training modules included in this online training course that cover the key syllabus of Manual Handling. There are a total of 5 multiple-choice questions at the end to test learner knowledge. These modules include:

Module 1 The definition of Manual Handling Module 2 The LITE stairway to safety Module 3 Safe lifting techniques Module 4 Correcting lifting techniques Module 5 Lifting with more than one person Module 6 Examples of Manual Handling

Manual Handling


E-learning at work : Equality and diversity – 12/6/2021

As part of my commitment to CPD and training. I have now completed a course on equality and diversity.

There are a total of 7 training Topics included in this online training course that cover the key syllabus of Equality & Diversity. As part of this online training course, learners will be required to complete a series of multiple-choice questions. These modules include:

    Topic 1 What is meant by the term ‘Equality and Diversity’?
    Topic 2 Consequences of inequality
    Topic 3 Human rights
    Topic 4 The Equality Act
    Topic 5 Inclusive and exclusive models of society
    Topic 6 Promoting inclusion
    Topic 7 Creating fairer workplaces

Food Allergens



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E-learning at work : Positive Handling in Schools – 3/6/2021

As part of my commitment to CPD and training. I decided to press on and complete the e-learning at work Food Allergens course today.

This course will start by looking at some examples and statistics which highlight the seriousness and extent of aggressive pupil behaviour, it will then go on to explain how you can identify the stages of aggression and provide some tips on how you could de-escalate a pupil before they lash out. It also looks at where the law stands on this subject and finally best practice in theory if you ever do need to restrain a pupil.

Positive Handling



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