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UK Nuclear fusion plant

Nuclear fusion plant to be built at West Burton A power station.

This sounds like a really exciting development and should hopefully help the UK take the lead in a clean and sustainable energy resource.

This is also an excellent reason, regardless of where you live to study STEM. While this plant is not due to start until 2040. This is only 18 years away, so if you are heading in to year 7, then by the time you have obtained a post graduate or other hi-tech qualification you should be employable within this industry.

Video : Fuelling Fusion power



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The UK Prime minister recently announced that the ban on Fracking will be lifted [1]. I was going to ask about this on Science forums, however I found an existing discussion on Science forums [2]. It should be possible to link this discussion to others to look at the wider topic.

There are clearly several issues surrounding this topic, and arguments for & against, it is important to get a clear picture and seek evidence based facts. I have included a link to Ask for Evidence [3] for completeness and to help people with further research.

I downloaded the paper from the discussion so will read offline.


  1. BBC – Fracking ban in England lifted in bid to boost UK gas supply 2 Man-made earthquake risk and Fracking
  2. Ask for Evidence



New Supercollider

Just had this from Symmetry Magazine [1], an article, discussing the plans for the new super collider [2]. Which will open up a whole new set of discoveries (well hopefully anyway). This could make a good discussion on Discourse [3] so I have added a new topic to discuss further [4]. If you are interested in studying physics then maybe try the Open University [5] or to learn more about the Large Hadron Collider see the CERN page on this [6].


1 Symmetry Magazine 2 Super Collider Article 3 Discourse 4 Article discussion on discourse 5 Open University 6 CERN LHC 7 Study Support Group

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**VIDEO ON THE LHC (5 mins) **


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