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Astronify – application

Last year I watched a lecture on some software called astronify, This is used to scan an image from a telescope and turn different parts of the image in to sound.

So for example, a blue star may be presented at a high frequency, where as a red star may be presented at a lower frequency when played as sound.

The original lecture was about making astronomy accessible to people with sight loss. I wrote more about this in a blog post

Fast forward to 2022 and this technology has been used for further research which is presented in the following paper:-

Evaluating the efficacy of sonification for signal detection in univariate, evenly sampled light curves using astronify




James Webb Update 6/9/2022

Latest image from the James Webb Telescope, Tarantula Nebula



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Full 3-D view of binary star-planet system — ScienceDaily

Science is making new discoveries at a fast pace This is the latest from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory using the National Science Foundation's Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), article published on September 1st 2022.

Summary: Astronomers using the VLBA have produced a full, 3-D view of a binary star system with a planet orbiting one of the stars. Their achievement promises important new insights into the process of planet formation. 




James Webb Update 1/9/2022

Latest image from the James Webb Telescope is the first image of a distant world taken by the telescope. The first of many that will hopefully be taken over the coming years.



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Seeing universe's most massive known star

Astronomy is making fantastic new discoveries all the time, not just with space based telescopes but with ground based observatories too.

By harnessing the capabilities of the Gemini South telescope in Chile, astronomers have obtained the sharpest image ever of the star R136a1, the most massive known star in the universe. Their research challenges our understanding of the most massive stars and suggests that they may not be as massive as previously thought. 

This article explains more.

We are improving our knowledge and understanding all the time, with new telescopes both earth and space based due to come online over the next decade alone. This is probably a good time to start looking at studying astronomy and being part of something really exciting.




Gravitational-wave observatory amasses discoveries

Interesting article from Astronomy magazine Gravitational wave observatory amasses discoveries

Could make a good discussion at the next STEM group meeting on the 13th August as I have some resources on LIGO we can take a look at.



August STSCI Lecture

The next space telescope science institute lecture is on the 2nd August. The topic of this is Webb's First Look: Images and Spectra from NASA's Newest Great Observatory

We will also be watching this lecture as part of the August STEM Group meeting on Saturday 13th August.


Speaker: Alexandra Lockwood (Space Telescope Science Institute)

The Webb Space Telescope has recently showcased its spectacular first images and is now ready to do incredible science! It has been a long road to get here, including meticulous planning, exacting execution, and an amazing amount of teamwork! Join Dr. Alex Lockwood as she talks about the journey from launch to commissioning, explores details of the first images and spectra, and helps us understand the awesome scientific potential of NASA's newest great observatory.




James Webb Update 19/7/2022

The first set of images from the JWST were really impressive. Hopefully we will get more shortly. So check the website on a regular basis for updates. At the next STEM Group meeting, we are aiming to have a JWST theme, with a recording of the August Space Telescope Science Institute lecture.

1 2 JWST Tracker 2a. BBC Article 11/7/2022 3 Discourse Discussion 4. Tuxiversity Forum 5. Paignton Library STEM Group

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James Webb Update 11/7/2022

Latest update from the James Webb Space Telescope. The first images will be sent tomorrow, 12/7/2022. The team are super excited about this, now the science can start.

President Biden will reveal first image at 21:00 on 11/July/2022

1 2 JWST Tracker 2a. BBC Article 11/7/2022 3 Discourse Discussion 4. Tuxiversity Forum 5. Paignton Library STEM Group

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James Webb Update 3/5/2022

Latest update from the James Webb Space Telescope.

1 2 JWST Tracker 3 Discourse Discussion 4. Tuxiversity Forum 5. Paignton Library STEM Group

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