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A New Map of All the Particles and Forces

A New Map of All the Particles and Forces

This is an interesting new way to look at the standard model of particle physics that re-arranges things to better illustrate how different particles relate to each other.

The current diagram to present the standard model is below, this just shows the normal matter. I have one that shows anti matter too. In some ways this follows a similar layout to the periodic table

standard model

As an intermediate, diagram I actually like this diagram

standard model

Both the above diagrams are sourced from [1].

The new model called the 'double simple model' does look far more complex. However it has far more detail and better illustrates the relationship and interactions between the different forces / particles. You can view this at [1], while the paper describing how the team came up with this is at [2].

I have printed this, so it is something to discuss at the next STEM group meeting on the 12th March.

I think the paper at [2] has been around for a while, so this article is more on the Quanta Magazine article.

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