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The UK Prime minister recently announced that the ban on Fracking will be lifted [1]. I was going to ask about this on Science forums, however I found an existing discussion on Science forums [2]. It should be possible to link this discussion to others to look at the wider topic.

There are clearly several issues surrounding this topic, and arguments for & against, it is important to get a clear picture and seek evidence based facts. I have included a link to Ask for Evidence [3] for completeness and to help people with further research.

I downloaded the paper from the discussion so will read offline.


  1. BBC – Fracking ban in England lifted in bid to boost UK gas supply 2 Man-made earthquake risk and Fracking
  2. Ask for Evidence



Online Safety Bill

Hopefully this bill, if it ever gets in t law, will really start to make tech companies more responsible.

We need to prevent more incidents such as reported here Daily mail – schoolboy dies attempting TikTok blackout challenge. However, saying this perhaps holding the content creators more to account may also provide some sort of deterrent such as this reported by USnews – Alex Jones Loses Lawsuit Over Sandy Hook 'Hoax' Conspiracy. So in the case of the blackout challenge, hold the original poster of this to account and sue them, this could prove rather costly esp if undertaken via US courts, and the award being sought is in the millions of dollars.

We already have laws that cover this, so slander, defamation and libel can all get you sued for damages.

We still allow freedom of expression / speech, but creators would be held responsible for the consequences, just as they are in the real world out side of cyberspace. Tech companies could help by providing information on those who started these trends, or be held responsible or at least partly. Education and awareness should still be top priority, but just hold people to account.

We also need safeguards against tech companies handing data to police, such as in this case reported in NYPost Facebook gave teen’s private messages about alleged abortion to Nebraska police. If tech companies can do this, they can also hand over data on sex offenders and other serious criminals to the police too Tech companies can't pick and choose what they report.

At the same time I also appreciate we need protection for journalists and some activists who use technology to communicate and report on sensitive issues and or oppressive regimes for example.

All we need now is for the next Uk government to get their finger out and get this in to law.



Update to safeguarding guidance

The UK statutory guidance for safeguarding children in Education has been released by the UK Government.

I have included a 2nd link to my article asking are DBS checks worth the paper they are written on? as a reminder as to why safeguarding is important.


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Another Step for Open Access in the UK

More good news here, better access to science journals. This will be most welcome, especially given if it is publicly funded research.

I have quoted the first paragraph from [1] and added the latter part of this which is a link to Science Mag as [2] in the links list.

The UK is already a leader in achieving open access for journal articles but have recently taken a further step. The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), a major funder of UK research, has announced that starting in April 2022, researchers receiving support from their £8 billion annual fund [2]


1 Article 2



Sexual Harassment in the work place

Just completed another course with e-learning at work. This a really useful course, a lot to take in, but an essential topic. I would encourage EVERYONE to undertake this training, then hold your employer to account. In the light of everyone's invited I would encourage Parent / Guardians to do the same, so that schools can be held to account too.

The third case study is very disturbing for another reason. Nothing was mentioned about those staff members (inc the headteacher) being struck off from teaching given what happened. You need to do the course to find out more.

This course will start by defining sexual harassment and explaining how protection comes from both employment law and criminal law. You'll see from workplace statistics how widespread and serious the problem is, and how the management response to concerns raised is often poor or non-existent. It also addresses how allegations should be handled, explains the importance of having clear and robust policies and the role line managers tend to take when it comes to dealing with these situations. The course also covers investigation from the employer's perspective, the role of employment tribunals, and concludes with some case studies that will give further insight into what constitutes harassment and the outcome of cases where the businesses did not act appropriately to deal with this behaviour.


Sexual Harassment Certificate



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Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination

Get your COVID-19 vaccination, read about the vaccines and find out what happens when you have your vaccine. 

Big push to get everyone vaccinated


Physics on the curriculum

Just been looking through my Physics world [1] article archive and came across this from August 2020 [2]. This is looking at how Physics is taught, the lack of recent discoveries included in the curriculum and how this could be linked to a lower interest in studying Physics further.




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National Living Wage

From April 1st 2021 the UK minimum and Living wage, increases as follows :-

April 2021

**23 and over : ** £8.91 **21 to 22 : ** £8.36 **18 to 20 : ** £6.56
**Under 18 : ** £4.62 **Apprentice : ** £4.30




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Promoting Torbay

I have set up an account on Mastodon ( in order to help promote Torbay in South Devon, UK and what is has to offer.

This is a small project, I am not getting paid to do this, but hopefully, in undertaking this I am able to demonstrate initiative and other useful skills.

I will be adding photos and information / links to local attractions, etc.

Hopefully see if the local Tourist board will look in to getting on the Fediverse more formally, to help promote.

As the UK is in another Covid19 lockdown, to avoid yet another holiday season being written off, The cost to the local economy, if this happens, will be catastrophic. Why not take the time to explore as many ways to promote the local area and business as possible.

One way to get the fediverse to grow is to perhaps have accounts such as this, as it gives people a reason to join as there is something interesting to follow.


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The UK government has announced restrictions and alert levels each area will go in to after coming out of the national lock down on December 2nd. These depend on the regional cases and alert levels.

It looks like Torbay is in

Please also see

  • Torbay page for local updates and restrictions.