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Scratch 3 projects

I made these up a while back and after doing so decided to also create howto for the actual projects. The howtos are written in Markdown using Stackedit

So sharing again as I can also include these in various examples of what I have created / written etc.


New Chemistry podcast

I found a link to this on Twitter so am sharing here too. A new Chemistry podcast from the European Young Chemists' Network has started. The first episode covers “CO2 Reduction, a Possible Solution for the Climate Crisis?”


Malaria Treatment

Even though we are in a global Covid 19 pandemic, it does not mean other important discoveries are not being made.

The BBC reported on May 4th that a microbe has been found that can block Malaria [1]. This is an important discovery, as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) article [2] suggests that Malaria killed 405,000 people i 2018.

Discoveries such as this, surely give the world hope that a treatment for Covid-19 will eventually be found. It also highlights the importance of research and proper funding for research.

  1. BBC Malaria article
  2. CDC Malaria Statistics and information

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Lego WeDO Session Write up

Today I was involved in a Lego WeDo [2] session at Paignton Library,

I wrote a session plan [1] a while back and submitted this to the library.

The session went quite well, despite a few teething problems with wifi and sotware. We started off using the models I had previously built to experiment with the WeDo kit.

wedo prep

However the kit did seem to prove popular, we had one person drop in and have ago who was already at Lego Club. So the idea that this being within the Lego club area, was good as it attracted further interest.

What we need is a set of our own tablets + software installed and working so that we can just get on and build projects at future sessions.

  1. Session Plan – pdf
  2. Session Plan – LaTeX Source
  3. Lego WeDO
  4. Lego Software

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Lego WeDO Session Planning and Preparation

As I am running a Lego WeDo session on 29th. I spent some time (about an hour) preparing for the session at Paignton Library.

Firstly I built a basic windmill model and attached the Lego Hub and motor to this, I have also attached the distance / IR sensor.

I also built a very basic car to which a motor and hub can be attached later.

wedo prep

The plan tomorrow, will be to demonstrate the model, introduce the WeDo software and hardware, including sensors. The attendees, can then build their own, models and experiment with these.

We have several Lego kits, so we can probably in small groups.

The idea is to investigate what we can do, and maybe come up with ideas on how the library can make use of these resources.

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As I am a STEM Ambassador. I attended some training today (17/1/2020) to help support the First Lego League Jr Expo event. This will running in June 2020.

We started out with a presentation on STEM Ambassadors, then we moved on to looking at the Lego WeDo kits, what we could do with them and how to use the various sensors that come with the kit. For example sound sensor, movement and distance sensor. The IDE for this is really easy to use. Scratch also has built in support (via a module) that supports WeDo.

In the afternoon we looked at what the Lego League Expo was and how schools can prepare for this event in June.

Each school received 2x Lego WeDO kits and 2x lego enginnering kits for the Expo.

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