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Dragonfly mission to Titan announces big science goals.

Our exploration of the solar system continues. There is an upcoming mission to one of the moons of Saturn. Titan is another contender for possible life.

There is an article [1] on Science daily [2] with more details along with a discussion on discourse [3]


1 Article 2 Science Daily 3 Discourse discussion



Mars Rover follow up

Everything has gone as planned. On Thursday 18th Feb 2021. The NASA Perseverance Rover, will touched down on Mars safely and sent its first signal and images back to Earth.



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OSIRIS-REx mission

Yesterday, there was an update to the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission to collect and return a sample of dust from an asteroid.

This post was prompted by a BBC Science news report. The NASA mission page can also be found here.

NASA OSIRIS-REx mission page

Mission should return to earth in 2023.

Hopefully the sample collection went as planned.

Update 21/10/2020

Mission on the way back, sample collections went successfully, should return largest sample from a foreign body since Apollo.

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Mars Perseverance Rover

The Mars Perseverance Rover launched today in the Atlas V rocket, as planned. You can read more about this on the NASA mission page.

Should arrive on Mars in early 2021

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