Astronomers want a more powerful telescope

This sounds like a really good development, and shows how exciting things are going to get. I have replied and mentioned the Nancy Grace Telescope (due later this decade) and asked about the difference between a space telescope and one placed on the dark side of the moon.

This is another reason to STUDY STEM, and include maths, computing within that so we have people to help analyse all the data being sent back, and we also need people to design, build everything around this.

Mikko Tuomi

Because of the fantastic success of #JWST, now astronomers want even more powerful gear up in space.

They are planning the Habitable Worlds Observatory that would be even bigger and make detecting life on other #Earth-like #planets reality.

The telescope will also be perched at L2. Unlike JWST, it will be designed for robotic servicing and upgrades, which could enable it to operate for decades.

#astronomy #exoplanets #astrobiology

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