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In the night sky : Orion Completed

I have finally, after months of going back and forth to this, partly due to other study and things to do. Completed the 24 hour OU / OpenLearn Course. I was just doing this casually anyway.

Note: This is a Level 1 Open University course.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

* Understand facts, concepts, principles, theories, classifications and language used in astronomy * Understand the range of sizes, distances and motions of objects in the night sky * Understand the structure, evolution and the main processes operating in stars * Understand the properties of planets in our Solar System and exoplanetary systems * Understand the history of the universe.

Really interesting course, lots to think about and learn just from doing some of the research for the questions posed during the course.

Astronomy uses the greek alphabet for star names for example so this post may help.

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Greek Alphabet

As I am going to be writing posts that fall within the sciences, specifically Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry and related fields. I have decided to post here, the Greek and Hebrew Alphabet, which is used extensively in some of these fields.

I am using “a quick guide to $\LaTeX$” for this.

$\alpha$ – alpha $\beta$ – beta $\chi$ – chi $\delta$ – delta $\epsilon$ – epsilon $\varepsilon$ – varepsilon $\eta$ – eta $\gamma$ – gamma $\iota$ – iota $\kappa$ – kappa $\lambda$ – lambda $\mu$ – mu $\nu$ – nu $\omega$ – omega $\phi$ – phi $\varphi$ – varphi $\pi$ – pi $\psi$ – psi $\rho$ – rho $\sigma$ – sigma $\tau$ – tau $\theta$ – theta $\upsilon$ – upsilon $\xi$ – xi $\zeta$ – zeta $\Delta$ – Delta $\Gamma$ – Gamma $\Lambda$ – Lamda $\Omega$ – Omega $\Phi$ – Phi $\Pi$ – Pi $\Psi$ – Psi $\Sigma$ – Sigma $\Theta$ – Theta $\Upsilon$ – Upsilon $\Xi$ – Xi $\aleph$ – aleph $\beth$ – beth $\daleth$ – daleth $\gimel$ – gimel

Information source : A quick guide to $\LaTeX$ Dave Richson, Dickinson College

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