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Overleaf Webinars August / September 2020

Overleaf are presenting their introductory Webinars in August and September.

If you are new to Overleaf then these are really useful to learn about the features from Beginner to Advanced.

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Physics news 4th August 2020

I asked about this on Twitter earlier. More to ask if I was right in thinking a dimuon was two muons together.

The full article can be found below.

Lots of interesting things happening at FermiLab then.

“US CMS is very proud to acknowledge the significant impact made by its members in deploying innovative analysis techniques, including cutting-edge AI methods, which were critical in establishing the evidence for Higgs boson decays into a muon and antimuon pair,” 

It may be an idea to have an understanding, or a copy of the standard model of particle physics to hand.

This is also being discussed on the qoto discourse instance. Where there is also an updated standard model graphic.

You may also find Science Forums a good place to discuss.

This has also prompted me to try and figure out how to typeset the basic equation in LaTeX.

\$$H\longrightarrow \mu^{–} + \overline{\mu^{+}} $

So to quote the $\textit{}$ website

  • Please ignore the $'s at either side of the equation, these will be removed at some point.

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Mars Perseverance Rover

The Mars Perseverance Rover launched today in the Atlas V rocket, as planned. You can read more about this on the NASA mission page.

Should arrive on Mars in early 2021

Feel free to discuss further on the QOTO Discourse forum.*

  • Free sign up will be required.


Hubble – Eye in the Sky – Mini Series

Yesterday (15/7/2020) NASA started a 3 part mini series on the Hubble space telescope.

Schedule as follows

  • Episode 1: Driving the Telescope Release date: July 15,
  • Episode 2: An Unexpected Journey Release date: July 20
  • Episode 3: Time Machines Release date: July 23

Should make an interesting series.



This looks interesting if you're into Science and distributed computing : Running Rosetta@home on a Raspberry Pi with Fedora IoT


Other distributed computing projects

Further reading

There is a software engineering thread on Qoto Discourse where we can discuss further if required. Or join and discuss there too.

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I can be contacted on Mastodon here.

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In the night sky : Orion Completed

I have finally, after months of going back and forth to this, partly due to other study and things to do. Completed the 24 hour OU / OpenLearn Course. I was just doing this casually anyway.

Note: This is a Level 1 Open University course.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

* Understand facts, concepts, principles, theories, classifications and language used in astronomy * Understand the range of sizes, distances and motions of objects in the night sky * Understand the structure, evolution and the main processes operating in stars * Understand the properties of planets in our Solar System and exoplanetary systems * Understand the history of the universe.

Really interesting course, lots to think about and learn just from doing some of the research for the questions posed during the course.

Astronomy uses the greek alphabet for star names for example so this post may help.

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SpaceX Docking

Following yesterdays successful SpaceX launch, the Dragon Module is due to dock with the ISS later on today at about 14:30 GMT (15:30 BST).

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I can be contacted on Mastodon here. You can get a free account on the instance by following this link.

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Collaboration with Overleaf

I attended the Overleaf Effective Collaboration webinar on Wednesday 20th May. This proved, once again to be very informative, useful and complements the other webinars nicely.

This webinar, specifically covered the features available to the different users of the system, the main difference with the free accounts includes the number of user who can collaborate and version history tracking.

I recently came across an excellent Overleaf curated article / report from 2017 on The Connected Culture of Collaboration Report

The document (pdf) can be downloaded free from the website and there is a citation guide too, if this is needed for your own articles or papers.

The webinar will be available on demand in due course.


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Malaria Treatment

Even though we are in a global Covid 19 pandemic, it does not mean other important discoveries are not being made.

The BBC reported on May 4th that a microbe has been found that can block Malaria [1]. This is an important discovery, as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) article [2] suggests that Malaria killed 405,000 people i 2018.

Discoveries such as this, surely give the world hope that a treatment for Covid-19 will eventually be found. It also highlights the importance of research and proper funding for research.

  1. BBC Malaria article
  2. CDC Malaria Statistics and information

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As I have signed up to various science based courses, mostly with OpenLearn at the moment. I have signed up to the ScienceForums website.

This is a free message forum where you can discuss a wide range of science topics, ask questions, help others. It is quite advanced in places but this suits me fine. You can learn by just reading the questions and answers from different users.

As I am also on IRC then I have joined both physics and chemistry channels on Freenode. This is in order to ask questions or clarification. The physics channel is more useful for the astronomy and astrophysics based courses.

You can join the IRC community via the Freenode Webchat tool.

These websites can really complement e-learning and they provide a way to chat to people who share a real interest in these subjects.

These sites should also be able to complement the e-learning forum that I posted about yesterday.

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You can find me on Friendica at

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