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Free Code Camp : Android App Development

Free Code Camp offer a free 15 hour course to teach Android App Development. This looks really good.

As always, this open to ALL age groups, which is great, This shows the right way to think in 2020.

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SignIn tips

If you're looking at using and or FreeCodeCamp ( FCC ), the you have the option to use your github credentials to signin.




With FCC your user account appears to be bound to your e-mail address. Therefore, if you use github to sign in,it will bind your account to the e-mail address you used to sign up to github, so change one you need to change both to maintain your progress being saved properly.

If you use your e-mail to sign in to FCC then you get sent a one time pin number each time, which can provide problematic if you then have issues accessing your e-mail. So it may be easier to just use github to sign in, having github accounts also has other advantages.


Using Github to sign in to also gives you the feature to save your projects to / from your github repository, which should make collaboration easier.



Another feature of Github is gist, so again this is ideal for sharing code blocks and getting help for example.

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Kernel Hacking

If anyone is interested in contributing to the Linux Kernel. This was posted to Twitter by @howtopam. Looks like a very useful guide.

This may also be of interest

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IRC bot development

I have been working on some more projects around IRC chat bots. I decided to try and integrate a Magic 8 ball project so that an IRC bot would give a random response, chosen from a pre- defined set within the code (can be changed) when the bot is sent an instruction in my IRC channel.


This project builds on some of the code covered in my Minecraft Pi bot project. Mostly the base code from the Linux Voice article.

The code is currently being tested in ##zleap on Freenode.

At the moment magic8 can be sent the following commands:-

  • !umame – returns output of uname -a
  • !uptime – returms system uptime
  • !help – displays list of options
  • !botexit – bot quits irc channel,
  • !magic8 – returns random text
  • !ping – returns pong (used to check the bot is working, left in for legacy
  • !web – returns my own web address (this website) but can be changed
  • !sdtj – returns web address for the South Devon Tech Jam


uname and uptime are Linux / Unix commands, it is therefore assumed you are running on a GNU / Linux system.

I have created a welcome message from the bot, so when it joins it says hello, also says goodbye if !botexit is sent.


  • Make the code Python 3
  • Add more options
  • Keep it tidy

Help and Contribute

Feel free to fork the project and make improvements and further customization. Perhaps discuss further on IRC or via social media e.g Mastodon.


#python, #development, #irc, #application, #bot, #magic8, #network,#sockets #irc, #project,#github, #chat, #responses, #magic8

A few years ago, Linux Voice published a really simple IRC bot project in the magazine. I took this and managed to get it to connect to a minecraft Pi game and I could use IRC to send instructions to the game.

In the screenshot below the bot has received an instruction to execute uname -a and the output is directed to the game screen.


To get all this to work you need:-

  • An IRC client
  • A raspberry pi which should be running Minecraft Pi and the python program, once the game has started the bot should connect.

You also need to connect to either:-

  • An existing IRC server or
  • Your own irc server, which can be another Raspberry Pi on the same network running an IRC server.

note You need to ask if it is Ok to connect bots to IRC servers.

In my code it is connecting to a Raspberry Pi (original model) running an IRC server.

It does work, but there is probably potential here for expansion and improvement.


#python, #development, #irc, #application, #minecraft, #network,#sockets #irc, #project,#abandonware,#github

Have fun.

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A few years ago, I wrote a Python script (probably badly) that created a TkInter graphical user interface, that would link to some of the Minecraft Pi API functionality. The idea being that a few common commands, would be available at the touch of a widget button.


The program is pretty basic. It may, be useful to someone out there, at least a starting point. I have therefore put the project back on GitHub.

I am happy for someone to fork and or take over the project or contribute further. I can be found on IRC (freenode) as zleap.


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This post is NOT endorsed by FreeBSD.

I am creating this post to try and bring together some information on how to get involved with the FreeBSD project. I am not a developer in this project. This information may simply be useful as it points to various related resources.

It would be really good to get a Devon based developer / tester community set up, where people can work together, learn essential computer skills, have fun, be social but at the same time develop some real world developer / work skills that can be useful later on.

Being part of any developer community can also open up doors. Learning c / c++ for example is useful, but as would learning shell scripting.


1 FeeeBSD Project 2 About FreeBSD 3 FreeBSD Developer Handbook 4 FreeBSD Twitter 5 Default Shell 6 tcsh tutorial 7 sh tutorial 8 9 Developer roadmap 10 CodeCademy 11 Freshports

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My personal goals for this year are to gain meaningful employment and develop my skills and knowledge further.

Education and CPD

I intend to keep my CPD updated, keep attending courses and keep networking with people so people know who I am and what I am doing. I also intend to keep learning with OpenLearn and other platforms.


My goal is to find employment that will make use of my current skill set and experience. Even if this is just a few hours to begin with. It should open up further opportunities.

Volunteer work

STEM Ambassador

I hope to be undertaking more assignments as a STEM ambassador.

Code Club

Hopefully this will keep going, keep developing and attracting new attendees.

Tech Jam

Hopefully 2020 will see a boost in numbers. This will also increase the knowledge base available to other attendees.

Torbay Trojans

Football season does not start until about April. I anticipate being back on the side line helping out with the officiating, and the team generally.

I am going to try and develop my e-learning and self teaching support network. .

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This was posted to the Fediverse. I am sharing here as this seems a really good opportunity for students to learn and gain valuable experience within free software and software development. Please download flyer for information.

#freesoftware, #development, #student, #opportunity, #eu

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