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Fediverse take up in 2021

Some stats on the growth of the Fediverse in 2021



Science Daily : Articles on Plastics and Polymers

The two articles were posted to Mastodon.

Firstly a look at the problem of Micro-plastics

Secondly an article on Polymers



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Collaborative editing

One of the really great things about the Fediverse is that others are willing to chip in and help. I was working on another article for the Beach Hut [1]. As this was about Mastodon and the Fediverse. I asked for help.

Pasting a draft in to a Disroot [2] pad and then pasting a link in to mastodon so that others could collaborate editing, within an hour the article was pretty much completed with others users connecting and editing.

Collaborative Ediitng

This was real time collaboration using free software and also open source software tools. The article will now be submitted for hopeful publication in the January 2022 issue.

You can find out more about Mastodon at [3].


  1. The Beach Hut
  2. Disroot 3 Join Mastodon]


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Mental health and the fediverse

Mental health has hit the headlines more often since the Covid 19 pandemic hit the world People at home with little contact with other people.

Couple this with the impact of centralised social media services, giving people personalised content, which in some cases is causing more problems for people of all ages.

Shout Out

To this end, this article is more of a shout out to organisations who offer mental health services to set up on the fediverse. Services such as a Mastodon and Peertube could provide an excellent platform to share your message and connect.audience who may need help

As a user of decentralised social media I do find people who need help, you can tell by what they write, their tone that they need to perhaps talk to someone for advice.

This post also comes as a result of my own attempts to ask people on to the Fediverse. I have had conversations on Mastodon and there is support for this, but that is not enough. If we want something then it is up to people to be pro-active and act, rather than waiting for expecting someone else to do it.

So I am taking action and trying to do something about this.

Not Alone

Signing up to the fediverse is easy, however you are not alone, people can and will help you with this.



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Introduction to Deep learning

I found this on the Fediverse, which is a really good place to find interesting content. I am not being fed what some crappy AI / algorithm thinks that I may be interested in. I just follow the right people and happen across something interesting and engaging.

There are some really interesting people on there too.

This is a video series on “Introduction to Deep Learning”

170 Video Lectures from Adaptive Linear Neurons to Zero-shot Classification with Transformers

Original post is here




Mobile app development capabilities to GNOME Builder.

Just sharing this as an embed, along with what I would hope are some useful links.



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