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Getting Hydrogen out of banana peels

Getting Hydrogen out of banana peels

This is interesting, and potentially a good way to make use of waste material. I have included a few links below, and the article link is in the main links below.

It would also be interesting to figure out if a school has such a Xenon lamp, should be possible to try and reproduce this in a school lab. I would guess the Hydrogen gas could be collected if the mass was in put in say a boillng tube, with a bung, and glass tube to a collection tube, then the Hydrogen could be collected and tested for with a lighted splint, so you would listen for the 'pop' made when the Hydrogen ignites. So on a small scale it would prove that Hydrogen can be produced.

UPDATE 25/2/2022

I have found an update to this, from the Royal Society of Chemistry article here



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