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Malware discovered on Computers given to children

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The BBC has reported Malware found on laptops given out by government this report asks several important question as to why these laptops have not been wiped before giving away.

"Ideally users should reboot into safe mode and run a full scan with an anti-virus product," he said.

"However with this type of malware, it is advisable to seek professional assistance in order to ensure it has been correctly removed."

Is even more hilarious, to get a professional in to fix this issue will COST MONEY which is the one thing these families don't have.

Once again a scheme by our government has gone wrong.

First thing people should do when getting any device such as this is to wipe it and install a OS such as Debian, Mint or Ubuntu.




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Cheaper to prevent pandemics than 'cure' them -

note: This article contains my personal thoughts on the topics presented, I would, of course, welcome open discussion on this.

This is another interesting BBC news article, raises some interesting points on how humans interact with wildlife.

I would guess it also highlights we need to also provide clean, running water to everyone on the planet, in a way that is, of course sustainable.

In another news article, again from the BBC, Denmark are in the process of culling mink, this was after it was found there is a mutated covid strain that could be passed on to humans.

Perhaps the solution to all this is very simple, and will push for clean water for washing, cooking etc. But also access to alcohol handwash in all places that handle animals,including fish. Ultimatlythere are calls to eat less meats anyway, especially beef,due to the climate impact alone.

We need to do something, so this could make a really interesting field of research, incorporating many disciplines it may mean ending some industries, so that will need retraining.

I would guess, if we are going to produce more alcohol based hand gels we need to ensure that there are no implications of or risks of this getting in to water streams.


Enigmatic fast radio burst pinned on magnetised dead star

This is an interesting development, astronomers have found something they have been spending years searching for. Not sure where these stars appear on the The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

The paper for this can be found on Physics World. Reported on IOPScience on 4th November 2020.

Currently discussing on a OU Science forum.


Malaria Treatment

Even though we are in a global Covid 19 pandemic, it does not mean other important discoveries are not being made.

The BBC reported on May 4th that a microbe has been found that can block Malaria [1]. This is an important discovery, as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) article [2] suggests that Malaria killed 405,000 people i 2018.

Discoveries such as this, surely give the world hope that a treatment for Covid-19 will eventually be found. It also highlights the importance of research and proper funding for research.

  1. BBC Malaria article
  2. CDC Malaria Statistics and information

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Tom Brady leaves NE Patriots

Big news from the NFL, Tom Brady one of the most successful, all time football players has announced he is leaving the New England Patriots after a long career under Coach Bill Bill Belichick.

Tom Brady has won a total of Six Superbowls since taking over from Drew Bledsoe in 2001.

You can find more info on the NFL website.

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Adult filters – Compensation

A bbc report on 24th Jan 2020, covers the continuing problem of trying to protect young people from accessing adult material while using the Internet.

This scheme has been dropped, and the companies trying to develop the solution, spending millions, quite rightly want compensation.

This policy seems to have been doomed from the start, firstly it seems no one actually knows how to do this, the UK government also failed to inform the EU, so the implementation was delayed by six months, and industry experts were not convinced the policy would even work as users would find a way to circumvent the filters.

In addition to this, uploading of passports and other ID information raises serious privacy concerns.

There is wide acknowledgement something has to be done, but no one seems to have come up with a solution yet.

The solution(s) may have nothing to do with technology. It is about education, educate people properly on how to behave, how to treat others, equality and making everyone feel valued. This starts at home and is enforced in schools. Of course adults really need to set the example. Not sure how that is going to happen when you get vile trolling of people.

We have many laws, surely we need to start enforcing them. We should also hold parent / guardians responsible, perhaps the prospect of actual jail and a long term criminal record will result in action.

We need a gender diverse workforce in schools too, as that way we can have positive male AND female role models, Some schools hardly have any male staff, why is this, esp in 2020 when we are meant to have the equality act.

Another bbc article yesterday 25/2/2020 Facebook and YouTube moderators sign PTSD disclosure really does highlight the issue. Something is clearly NOT working,

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I posted about article 13 on my previous blog last year. There is now an update to this.

A BBC report on 24/1/2020 says that the UK government is not going to sign up to this. This is a victory for content providers and common sense.

To give some background to this previous BBC reports can be found here.

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