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Meta (Facebook and Instagram) prohibited from using personal data for advertisement.

This is a really important development in that it shows that the GDPR and the Law are to be followed. Massive win for our personal data protection. People are waking up and finally taking back control and see what big tech is really doing.

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Google Analytics declared illegal in the EU

This news has just broken.

Could have some interesting implications, even though the UK has left the EU, the UK has adopted the GDPR.

A good step for people currently using google analytics would be to swtich to something like Matomo (see link below) which is an alternative.




EU tech sector fights for a Level Playing Field with Microsoft

This was posted to Mastodon earlier, I am sharing to help raise awareness of the lawsuit. Also included below some links to alternative cloud solutions. Note: Disroot now uses a Cryptpad installation for some of their services.



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Bio metric mass surveillance

More mass surveillance appears to be on the cards, so we need to sign a petition against this, however if you are in the UK, which has left the EU, then the UK isn't listed so I have added a link so you can find you local MP and write to them about this.

We need to make sure a similar law does not end up on our statute books.

We aren‘t walking barcodes! Sign the brand new European Citizens‘ Initiative for banning biometric mass surveillance now!




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I posted about article 13 on my previous blog last year. There is now an update to this.

A BBC report on 24/1/2020 says that the UK government is not going to sign up to this. This is a victory for content providers and common sense.

To give some background to this previous BBC reports can be found here.

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This was posted to the Fediverse. I am sharing here as this seems a really good opportunity for students to learn and gain valuable experience within free software and software development. Please download flyer for information.

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