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Open Invention Network

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Open Invention Network, the organization formed to safeguard open source software and now the largest patent non-aggression community in history, announced today that U.S. Bank has joined as a community member" U.S. Bank Joins the Open Invention Network - Open Invention Network



CyberSecurity part 25

Open Source vs Free Software

There seems to be confusion around the terms Free software and Open Source Software.

To briefly clarify this.

The primary difference is philosophy – The free software movement says we're here doing all this because proprietary software is unethical. Wrong. Unjust.

The open source movement says we're here doing all of this because we can get technically better software.

Free software

Free software, does not simply mean the software is free as in cost, it refers to Free as in Freedom and a free software license such as the GPL [2] grants a user 4 freedoms.

  • Freedom to use for any purpose
  • Freedom to study the software
  • Freedom to modify
  • Freedom to copy and share the software with others

The freesoftware movement is also therefore about philosophy.


1 2



Open CV Tutorial

Open Computer Vision Tutorial. This looks interesting and something else to have an experiment with at some point. Would also be good at the Paignton Library STEM group meetings.

Posted to Mastodon on 23/12/2021 by Danie



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Linux Foundation events

This is a list of upcoming Linux foundation events.


Big Blue Button 2.4 testing

I am in the process of helping to test Big Blue Button 2.4


This is going well and the improvements from 2.3 are welcome.

The faircam server will soon be running 2.4 once it is out of beta / testing and the test server will move to run the 2.5 beta / testing software.

It is quite nice when you find a problem and are able to report it, gives you a good feeling you have made a contribution to a wider project that is used all over the world.

I have actually made a suggestion on the developer forum for a feature that would be useful. So as with finding problems, making feature requests is also really good.

In most cases one of the the BEST thing you can do, is to let the developers know that the software works. I think this often gets overlooked, developers are human after all.




Job Opportunity

This may be of interest to some one out there. It was posted by Michael Downey on Mastodon.

I am sharing this as to help spread the word.

I'm hiring a #community strategist for our new GovStack initiative that helps builds standards and reference models for #OpenSource software platforms and stacks that will speed governments' digital transformation efforts. 

If you've got experience leading software dev communities, and you're ready to help make the world a better place, this just may be the perfect #job for you.

Fully remote with focus hours in Europe/Africa time zones. Details:

Solarus game engine

Just found this on Mastodon, Solarus game engine.

A lightweight, free and open-source game engine for Action-RPGs

    A 2D game engine written in C++, and executing games made in Lua.
    Specifically designed with 16-bit classic Action-RPGs in mind.
    Available on multiple platforms.
    Completely free and open-source, under GPL v3 License.



Our entry:


Social : Le Bottin des Jeux Linux

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Discussion on Open Hardware

The foss-north crew discuss and explain copyright and licenses. In this episode, Javier Serrano joins us and discuss open hardware and how open licenses work in that space.

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PinePhone : Manjaro Lomiri OS

I found this on Mastodon, a review of the Manjaro Lomiri OS by LINux on MOBile

Video can be found here on lbry but can also be viewed on the Mastodon feed.

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The technical writers guide to contributing to open source projects

I found a link to this article on Twitter, posted by Edidiong Asikpo so am sharing here as it may be of interest to some of the projects I am involved in.