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How to Teach Online Courses (17 September 2022) · Events (Indico)

A few years ago I was involved with Debian Academy. For various reasons the project came to a halt.

Fast forward to 2022 and the project has now been restarted, the first course being presented is on how to create a course using Moodle. The will be presented from the 17th September.

The course is free to sign up to, you will need an account on the Moodle system. Further details are below.

Over time more courses will be created, which is one of the reasons the above course was created, so others can also create their own courseware.


Date : Saturday 17 Sept 2022, Time :14:00 → 15:00 UTC *

More information

If you would like to chat with some of the team members, then we hang out on IRC, using the oftc network, channel #debian-academy


CyberSecurity part 23

Courses and further reading:-

courses Courses related to Kali Linux

Learning how to use these and the associated tools is way beyond the scope of what I am doing here. I would therefore suggest you look in to other learning options.

There are many other providers, not sure about any in Torbay, we do seem to be in the dark ages down here. But Tech Learning Collective do several courses.

Tech Learning Collective

I have listed some providers below, and would hope that the forum may, eventually be a good source of information too.


Cyber Security



Tech Ethics

Another interesting post on Mastodon. The original blog article may be a few years old but seems to raise some good points about teaching ethics in Technology and a link to a spreadsheet with where you can learn about this within courses.


We can perhaps discuss further at the Feb Stem group meeting



Creative Education Courses

Just making a very quick post, with a summary of recently completed Creative Education Courses.


  • Creative Education : Parental Awareness of Self-Harm 1/6/2021
  • Creative Education : How to Engage & motivate your class 23/5/2021
  • Spot and Support Speech, Language & Communication Needs, 16/5/2021
  • Suicide: How to Support During Crisis Moments, 9/5/2021
  • Ensuring a Smooth Transition in the Year of Covid, 2/5/2021
  • Exams & Assessments: 10 Things Parents & Carers Need to Know, Creative Education, 24/4/2021
  • Navigating Frenemies, Cliques and Bants with Your Teen, Creative Education, 10/4/2021
  • Supporting Children with Friendship Issues, Creative Education,8/4/2021
  • Teaching for Students with PMLD, Creative Education, 2/4/2021
  • Spot the Warning Signs of Poor Mental Health, Creative Education, 22/3/2021
  • How to be Kinder to Yourself, Creative Education. 14/3/2021
  • Imposter syndrome: 5 tips to overcome it, Creative Education, 7/3/2021
  • De-escalation: What is it and how do I do it?, Creative Education, 28/2/2021
  • Anxiety: Supporting Teens to Support Themselves, Creative Education, 22/2/2021
  • Enable Children to Feel Safe so They Can Flourish, Creative Education, 15/2/2021
  • Make a success of remote teaching, Creative Education, 13/10/2020
  • Spot and support attachment disorder, Creative Education, 12/10/2020


Basic IT course update 8

So further to my previous update on the Level 1 Digital skills course. The certificate for this has arrived.

This has now been scanned in and uploaded to my new LinkedIn profile


This blog post has been ported from my old blog site.

If you’re looking for a new online course to take, you’re in luck. 200 universities have launched 620+ free online courses. Here’s the full list, by @dhawalhshah

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This is well worth checking out. All this learning and knowledge is now at the fingertips of everyone which is great for knowledge sharing and improving the skills of many people all over the world.

I was sent this by Free Code Camp New Online Courses

It is fantastic to see, forward thinking learning institutions, offering courses to more students.

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