Creative Education Courses

Just making a very quick post, with a summary of recently completed Creative Education Courses.

COMPLETED * Spot and Support Speech, Language & Communication Needs, 16/5/2021 * Suicide: How to Support During Crisis Moments, 9/5/2021 * Ensuring a Smooth Transition in the Year of Covid, 2/5/2021 * Exams & Assessments: 10 Things Parents & Carers Need to Know, Creative Education, 24/4/2021 * Navigating Frenemies, Cliques and Bants with Your Teen, Creative Education, 10/4/2021 * Supporting Children with Friendship Issues, Creative Education,8/4/2021 * Teaching for Students with PMLD, Creative Education, 2/4/2021 * Spot the Warning Signs of Poor Mental Health, Creative Education, 22/3/2021 * How to be Kinder to Yourself, Creative Education. 14/3/2021 * Imposter syndrome: 5 tips to overcome it, Creative Education, 7/3/2021 * De-escalation: What is it and how do I do it?, Creative Education, 28/2/2021 * Anxiety: Supporting Teens to Support Themselves, Creative Education, 22/2/2021 * Enable Children to Feel Safe so They Can Flourish, Creative Education, 15/2/2021 * Make a success of remote teaching, Creative Education, 13/10/2020 * Spot and support attachment disorder, Creative Education, 12/10/2020