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Write_As instances

If you would like an easy to use, hassle free blogging platform that respects your freedoms then Write_as may be useful for your needs.

Write_as is software that has lots of features to help you set up a small, lightweight blog, supports multiple blogs from one user account. It also supports ActivityPub to facilitate federation.

You can either self host or join an one of many existing instances:-

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WriteAs uses Markdown to add styles to the pages, e.g to make text bold, underlined or add pictures. You can also embed HTML code blocks. This is how this page displays the video below.

There is a video below, hosted on Peertube, to explain more.

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SnapAs : Adding photos to WriteFreely Blogs

As this blog is powered using WriteFreely, I have just found another service that is designed to complement adding pictures to blogs, making this process very simple.

SnapAs allows you to drag and drop a photo and provide the markdown code so that you just copy / paste in this to your blog.

There is a tutorial and further explanation here.

The video is hosted on Peertube which is a federated and decentralised video sharing platform. There is a video here to explain more about this.

Hope this post is useful.


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Creating a write freely blog

Creating a blog post on a writefreely instance is a case of:

Logging in to your account, after which you are simply presented with your page where you can start typing.

Add a title, then the main body of your post.

I sometimes add a list of links, which relate to any items mentioned in my post. I then add a list of tags. Under that I usually have a sort of footer, which has copyleft information both in text and a graphic.

To add a picture you need to add some markdown which points to the location of the image.

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For the purpose of this, I am creating a draft, however once the post is finished, clicking on draft at the top, will allow me to 'publish to' a blog hosted by my account. Write freely allows for multiple blogs from the same login. Which is helpful for different subjects or topics for example.


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Licenced under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)