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Facebook and personal data, the farce carries on.

Not a week goes by without Facebook or rather its parent company Meta Being in the news. A recent article, raises yet more questions about what happens to our personal data once Facebook / Meta get hold of it.

The GDPR is very clear as to how data can be used, the fact Facebook appear unable to control what goes on, shows they are not fit for purpose. Companies or individuals that use Facebook could end up complicit in any data misuse.

The problem probably arises as YOU sign up to Facebook and therefore consent to them using your data, photos etc.

This is why CHOICE is important. I don't have a problem with education establishments using Facebook for student communication, I just won't use it. I do object to people assuming I use Facebook.


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Data Detox Kit: Workshops

This looks like a really good resource, I will download and see what I can do with this. It could make a really good discussion topic at the Paignton Library STEM group.




Mastodon Cheat Sheet

Mastodon can be controlled using the keyboard

Key(s) Function
r to reply
m to mention author
p to open author's profile
f to favourite
b to boost
enter, o to open toot
e to open media
x to show/hide text behind CW
h to show/hide media
up, k to move up in the list
down, j to move down in the list
1-9 to focus a toot in one of the columns
n to focus the compose textarea
alt+n to start a brand new toot
alt+x to show/hide CW field
backspace to navigate back
s to focus search
esc to un-focus compose textarea/search
g+h to open home timeline
g+n to open notifications column
g+l to open local timeline
g+t to open federated timeline
g+d to open direct messages column
g+s to open “get started” column
g+f to open favourites list
g+p to open pinned toots list
g+u to open your profile
g+b to open blocked users list
g+m to open muted users list
g+r to open follow requests list
? to display this legend




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Write_As instances

If you would like an easy to use, hassle free blogging platform that respects your freedoms then Write_as may be useful for your needs.

Write_as is software that has lots of features to help you set up a small, lightweight blog, supports multiple blogs from one user account. It also supports ActivityPub to facilitate federation.

You can either self host or join an one of many existing instances:-

More info


WriteAs uses Markdown to add styles to the pages, e.g to make text bold, underlined or add pictures. You can also embed HTML code blocks. This is how this page displays the video below.

There is a video below, hosted on Peertube, to explain more.

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