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CyberSecurity part 11

Moving on, the last video in that series covered shell scripting, It touched on the nano text editor, this is usually the default installed editor. I thought before we move on further, it would be a good idea to make sure people are at least familiar with some of the features of nano.

Again providing the login login link for quick and easy access.





Tilde – text editor

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Tilde is a nice, curses based text editor. It is useful for if you are at the console or terminal in Linux and want a menu driven editor.


While other tools are more command driven (nano, emacs, vi, vim and joe to name a few). Tilde is being mentioned for those of you who may find it useful

As you would expect with a modern editor, tilde has support for syntax highlighting.

Tilde Syntax Highlighting

Which is really useful for programming or editing website code for example.



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CryptPad 4

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A look at some of the features of the Rich Text Editor that comes with the recently released, version 4 of CryptPad.

This is a really nice package, and service, Cryptpad also comes as part of Disroot, which is also linked below. The best feature of course is the privacy.



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Emacs Conference 2020 Writeup

Emacs Conference Logo

This years Emacs Conference [1] took place on the weekend of 28th and 29th November. This is the online conference aimed at users of the stalwart text editor which is described as “An extensible, customizable, free/libre text editor” [2]

Emacs Terminal

Emacsconf this year had users from all different backgrounds, who use Emacs for a range of applications from basic text editing, writing documents in LaTeX, HTML or Markdown. Emacs is also popular with programmers and developers working on their latest project(s), but can also handle reading / writing email, chat, debugging software, and also has a built in calender and organiser to help you keep track of what you are doing. All this from a single interface.

Emacs GUI

Emacs is free software, and released under the GNU license, so has the usual 4 freedoms of use, study, share and modify. The more accurate name is therefore GNU / Emacs.

Talks this year were presented with Big Blue button [5] and live streamed with gstreamer [4] and other tools. This combination worked really well.

Talks were either longer with time for questions and answers or shorter lightning talks on quick subjects. Attendees could add their questions to a collaborative text pad, that everyone had access to. There was a big social presence using IRC (chat) [3] which was active during the conference.

Topics included development updates, a new users viewpoint, writing novels, Music and quite a few on Org Mode which is used for creating task lists and much more. Emacs, has a steep learning curve, but is very powerful and flexible to use. I am still learning the basics.

All talks are available to view here

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CryptPad 4

Furter to my previous post This is a quick look at The rich text document module of Crypypad.

The main screen gives several options, including password protecting files, Below this you can either start with a template, start a new document or once created open an existing document.


The main editor screen.


This looks like most other modern editors, with access to all the usual tools. As Cryptpad is also lightweight it is really quick to use.

Uploading images to your Cryptdrive also allows them to be inserted in to your files. This is as easy as choosing the option file from the menu. It is a good idea to perhaps make sure this opens in a new tab, you may also want to create folders for different types of document. Do this early on, you can keep track of where files are easier.


Once inserted right clicking will give you access to image properties so you can, for example resize.


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Emacs Conf 2020

EmacsConf 2020 | November 28 and 29, 2020 | Online Conference

The Call for Proposals for EmacsConf 2020 is now open, until September 30, 2020.

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