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So Further to my earlier post

Just going to turn my attention to the Task manager component of the service, Kanban. This looks a little bit like Trello. However, it is less cluttered, and looks much nicer.


This is the main KanBan area, you can change the colours with the icon in the corner of the boards.


Click on the colour, you want each board to be. Once done your board starts to look a lot more attractive. By default colours are just grey.


The user list accessed via the user list


icon, is self explanatory, once you have invited other people they are listed here.

There is also a chat function, which is called up by the chat icon. KanBan5


Both Users and Chat are displayed by default, you can hide this and make the are look even less cluttered.

The icon in the top corner showing 9 dots, gives you access to the other modules that are available, All work is saved to the CryptDrive.


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