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John Lennon 1940 – 1980

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Born:John Winston Lennon, Oct 9, 1940, Liverpool, Lancashire, England Died:Dec 8, 1980, New York City, New York U.S. References: Wikipedia entry

I have created this page as a Tribute to John Lennon. Photo downloaded from Wikipedia for this purpose.

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George Harrison – Tribute to John Lennon

History of Afghanistan

As of 17th August 2021, the Taliban swift take over of Afghanistan [1] is in the news. I decided to look up the history of Afghanistan, which is really interesting.

Granted Wikipedia is NOT considered an academic source of information, nevertheless this article makes interesting reading and if you are writing an essay or paper then there are citations and references to the authors sources of information. Which would make further reading too.

Interesting quote in the article

“Afghanistan is “easy to march into, hard to march out of.” was made by Alexander the Great in 330 BCE, assuming I have read understood the article correctly, the situation is not much different now.

I will have another look later as the article is right up August 1t5th at the time of writing this.

I think by understanding the history of the country more, then it does make understanding the current situation better . Given that it has been invaded so many times, and each time the culture has been influenced, both in what seems positive and negative ways.



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  2. History of Afghanistan

As I have an interest in Science as well as simple programming and electronics. I have found a resource which helps give a good explanation of current and past thinking on how the atom is structured.

The following link is a direct pdf download from another website. You may prefer to right click and 'Save As'.

I am currently working through 'The Evolving Universe' with Open Learn. This book proved quite helpful as an additional resource and reminder to complement this study.

Sometimes what is needed is another explanation that is slightly different to aid understanding.

The Evolving Universe courses goes in to the Atom on a sub atomic level. Looking at the early universe, how the main forces interacted with each other and looks the structure of particles such as the Proton. SO also looks at Leptons, Bosons and the strange world of Quarks. Quarks have different variants; up, down, charm, strange, as well as their anti-matter counterparts.

A really interesting if not rather complex look at this minute world of sub-atomic particles.

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