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Series of tutorials for LibreOffice Writer.

LibreOffice Writer

  1. LibreOffice Writer
  2. File management
  3. Formatting text
  4. Inserting images
  5. Tables
  6. Print preview & printing
  7. Page Orientation
  8. Watermarking documents
  9. User Data

LibreOffice Calc


Donate using Liberapay

I am presenting here a series of videos to undertake tasks in the LibreOffice spreadsheet module : Calc.

Note this is WORK IN PROGRESS. Videos are hosted on Peertube. If you want something better / quicker PAY ME.

Starting calc – Choose Spreadsheet from the main screen

Main Screen

You will then be presented with :-


Save files

Save As Open Document format (recommended)

Save As Odf


Saving as Office 365

SaveAs Office 365


Open Files

Choose File —> Open from the menu


Basic Operations

Charts * Pie Chart * Simple Chart 1 * Simple Chart 2

Print and page operations

LibreOffice Draw


LibreOffice Impress


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