How to add tables to LibreOffice Writer 7.x

Assets folder

There are several ways to insert a table


Clicking this leads to :-

Quick Table

Where you can drag to create the required table size, clicking more options leads to the Table options box below.

Or Click

Table menu —> Insert table which leads to:-

Table Options box

Insert Table dialogue

Select the options you would like, then click insert.

Your table will then appear on the page.

Selecting a cell will also display the icon menu at the bottom of your document, this gives quicker access to options.

Table Icon Bar

Once you have added a table you will find all the rows, columns are a uniform size.

You may want to split cells up, to do this you can right click and select split cells


Cells can be split Horizontally or vertically

In a similar way we can right click and merge two or more cells together.

If we didn't set any style options from the Insert table dialogue, this can be done with right click —> style


We can do the change the size with right click —> size


Where you can change row height / width.

Add another single row or column, before or after the selected row or column.


or add more than one

You can add more rows or columns with the right click menu

By selecting rows / columns from the right click menu



All these options are also available on the icon bar at the bottom of your document

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