LibreOffice 7 Writer 5

New files

New File ToolBar

Save and Open files


Shows, from left: New, Open & Save

Once you have created a document, you may want to save it for later.

On the file menu click SaveAs or click toolbar icon.


To Save a file:

Select Save As from menu bar or click on arrow next to Save to select SaveAs option.

Save As ToolBar

You can then carry on editing and just press the save button when you want to save changes.

You should save on a regular basis to avoid any loss of data.

By default LibreOffice will save as Open Document Format. If you want to save so that users of MS Office can open your document you need to save as .docx. You can choose this from a list when you save.

file type list root

save as office 365

Opening a file

In a similar way, to retrieve your work you can Select File Open or click toolbar icon.

Open File Toolbar

Or click too bar icon.


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