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Testing Big blue button July 2022

I am involved in helping to test big blue button. I just noticed something odd, if I use the custom layout from the “Layout Settings Modal” option, then I can also see propagate layout.

With the other options the propagate option doesn't appear.

Not too sure if this is a bug or it is meant to happen. I have made this Vokoscreen video to try and illustrate. It also makes it easier to share what the issue seems to be.

This is happening on a recent beta build, installed on the Faircam server.


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Software Testing

Big Blue Button and Overleaf Testing

I am currently involved in testing various software resources, this include Big Blue Button and Overleaf.

Big Blue Button Testing

The instance of BBB I am using is hosted by Faircam, we have access to both the current stable release,but also the alpha release. This allows for testing of the software. I am part of the BBB developer google group, so can report issues and have just joined the Users' list to discuss there too.

Overleaf Online LaTeX Editor testing

With Overleaf, users are given access to new features to try out, so right now they are introducing a new editor, so the options are the Beta editor, Normal editor and the usual Rich text editor. As I prefer to just write in LaTeX, then I am using the normal editor, but also switching between that and the new test editor and can fill in a simple online form to give feedback on new features.



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Xubuntu 21.04 Testing Week

Ubuntu Testing Week for 21.04

Date : Commencing Thursday April 1st to


Torbay Covid testing

Testing Facilities in Torbay

There are two testing centres in Torbay for people with COVID-19 symptoms:

Torbay Leisure Centre Car Park, Clennon Valley, Paignton Lymington Road Coach Station, Torquay (mobile testing unit)




Debian Testing Feb 2021

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I decided to have a go at upgrading a netbook Debian 10 to Debian 11. Buster –> Bullseye.

I am following the instructions found at [3]. I have also included links to release notes for both the current and next version.

Upgrade seemed to go well. However I seem to be having networking issue, so am investigating further,


1 Free Software Foundation 2 Debian 3 Upgrade how_to 4 OFTC 5 Buster release notes 6 Bullseye release notes

Release codenames (for reference)



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Contribute to f-droid

This was originally shared on Mastodon, so am sharing here for any of my followers who may be interested.

  • F-droid is looking for project contributors. There is a good article here with some more information.

The contribution page is also here

Looks like lots of opportunities to get involved. If you are interested you can also get in touch with IzzyOnDroid.

You can join Mastodon here then connect with IssyOnDroid and ask how to get involved.

I am on Mastodon here

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Debian 11 installer Alpha 3 released

The 3rd alpha release of the Debian 11 (Bullseye) has been released. More details can be found here


The current release which is Debian 10 Buster is available here.

Follow debian on Mastodon IRC – #debian-next on oftc

**I am just making a post on this blog about the alpha 3 release,please see the Debian website for ALL official announcements and information.

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Run a basic web server locally.

A few years ago, at the Torbay Tech Jam I was shown a neat way to start up a really basic http web server using python3.

Using this method I decided to have a go, so that I could share this, as it is linked to this weeks Code Club tutorials.

Note: I am using Debian Linux for this.

So after creating a new directory for the server

mkdir http cd http

I created a new file index.html and added a few basic lines of html to this.

<h1>this is a test line</h1>

Then from the command line entered:

python3 -m http.server 8080

Note: 8080 is the port number, so you can use something different, the default for http is 80.

Then pointing my web browser at

I am able to view the page in the web browser.

Hope this is useful, could be useful for testing out what you are learning with Freecodecamp if you don't want to create Repl for this.


I can be contacted on Mastodon here.

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Get a free online IDE account here Get an Overleaf account here, Online collaborative LaTeX Editor

This post is NOT endorsed by FreeBSD.

I am creating this post to try and bring together some information on how to get involved with the FreeBSD project. I am not a developer in this project. This information may simply be useful as it points to various related resources.

It would be really good to get a Devon based developer / tester community set up, where people can work together, learn essential computer skills, have fun, be social but at the same time develop some real world developer / work skills that can be useful later on.

Being part of any developer community can also open up doors. Learning c / c++ for example is useful, but as would learning shell scripting.


1 FeeeBSD Project 2 About FreeBSD 3 FreeBSD Developer Handbook 4 FreeBSD Twitter 5 Default Shell 6 tcsh tutorial 7 sh tutorial 8 9 Developer roadmap 10 CodeCademy 11 Freshports

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You can find me on Friendica at

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