Software Testing

Big Blue Button and Overleaf Testing

I am currently involved in testing various software resources, this include Big Blue Button and Overleaf.

Big Blue Button Testing

The instance of BBB I am using is hosted by Faircam, we have access to both the current stable release,but also the alpha release. This allows for testing of the software. I am part of the BBB developer google group, so can report issues and have just joined the Users' list to discuss there too.

Overleaf Online LaTeX Editor testing

With Overleaf, users are given access to new features to try out, so right now they are introducing a new editor, so the options are the Beta editor, Normal editor and the usual Rich text editor. As I prefer to just write in LaTeX, then I am using the normal editor, but also switching between that and the new test editor and can fill in a simple online form to give feedback on new features.



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