Paul Sutton


console / terminal xmas tree

Nice shell script to make a colour Christmas tree on your terminal / console

xmas tree in console

#christmas,#shell,#coding,#hacking,#draw,#xmas,#tree, #xmastree,#bash,#scaleway,#animation

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Teaching Computing Curriculum

The new framework for teaching computing and computer science can be found on the Teach Computing website.

As part of this, there are sections covering teaching animation. One example is for year 3 – Stop frame animation

At code club we have a piece of software called Tupi, which can be used for animation. I am creating a set of videos for peertube to cover the basic usage of this. As I am using Debian 11 to use the software and produce these resources they can be found in the Debian section of my account on the federated Peertube network.

Please do not ask me about uploading to Youtube.

The next Code Club is on Saturday 15th October, so we may take a look at this IF there is sufficient interest.



#CodeClub,#Animation,#UK,#Schools,#Curriculum. #TeachingComputing,#PeerTube,#Tupi,#TupiDraw

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Blender Open Movie Project

The Blender Open Movie project archive, now has 10 movies to watch and enjoy. These can be found on the project website.

These are very high quality pieces of work, they also demonstrate how powerful Blender is. This is really good promotion as to what can be achieved with free software.

#blender, #movies, #free, #software, #videos, #animation

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