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E-Machines memory upgrade

One of the things we want to do at the stem group is upgrade an e-Machines ER 1401 desktop computer. Aiming to upgrade both hard disk and memory.

We have found some info on how to do this




Huge star explosion to appear in sky

Huge star explosion to appear in sky in once-in-a-lifetime event

This looks interesting and a good opportunity to witness a rare event, but also an opportunity for science and instruments to also observe. For example, the HST can observe in visible light, whereas the JWST could observe in Infra red.

The article can be found here and is published on If you want to observe this, you need to know when or where to look, perhaps install the Stellarium software to help find or consult a good star chart for 2024.

The star is within the Corona Borealis constellation. Which is, also known as the northern crown.

I have not started a thread on science forums, but if someone does start one, I can link below. In the meantime, I will leave in a general link. I have also included a link to the [contact page]() so we can discuss further on Matrix or perhaps the Fediverse.



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STEM Group 13th April 2024 reminder

The next Stem group event will take place on :

Date: Saturday, April 13th 2024 Time: 10:30am to 15:00 Location: Paignton Library and Information Centre Room: 12 & IT Learning Centre

What is planned?

Some of these are planned as longer term projects, research phase is the start of this process.

  • Set up a computer to dual boot between Windows and Linuxmint
  • Set up software for above
    • We need to update the hardware first
  • Support any visitors who bring projects along
  • IT room will be open for anyone wanting to do coding activities, such as Scratch, Python
    • You will NEED to bring website login details with you OR bring a laptop and you can use the Library WIFI.
  • Set up Pi as nextcloud server
  • Test Kano OS
  • Raspberry Pi software OS download


Thermalization and Annihilation of Dark Matter in Neutron Stars

neutron star

This was posted to the Fediverse. Link to a paper on arXiv, looking at an idea for searching for Dark Matter, the mysterious substance which makes up a large percentage of the universe. The graphic above is of a Neutron star, I have tried to embed in to this post, so it may not work properly.

If I understand this part of the abstract correctly

we find that capture-annihilation equilibrium, and hence maximal annihilation heating, can be achieved without complete thermalization of the captured dark matter. 

Suggests that the Dark matter can be heated during annihilation, but not (thermalized) sufficiently to destroy it.

Feel free to correct, me as I am not an expert.

I should ask about this on Science Forums but have posted a link to the paper onto matrix for the moment.

We can discuss at the STEM group, or perhaps end up discussing something not requiring a PhD in Physics or Astrophysics.


Bird flu adaptability

This is interesting, but also worrying at the same time Now that bird flu is spreading among cows, scientists worry where H5N1 will jump next

One of the nice things about the Fediverse is that you can have really intellectual discussions about things like this, comment, and engage in constructive conversations. This is part of the thread that pointed to the above article

While cattle aren't known for being an ideal host for many flu viruses, pigs are potent viral mixing vessels. That's because swine have both human-adapted receptors and avian-adapted receptors in their respiratory tracts, Moncla said, meaning they can be infected with either type of pathogen"

The potential for H1N1 to adapt and infect humans is there, Keeping animals in proximity to each other, won't help matters China’s 26-storey pig skyscraper ready to slaughter 1 million pigs a year

This could be a ticking time bomb towards the next pandemic. A related article here

So why put this on the stem group blog, It is active science, interesting and highlights how important it is, for people to study STEM subjects so we have scientists who can help combat this in the future.




What do atoms look like?

This video was on the sidebar when I was looking at the video in the previous post. As we are about STEM and I don't want to give the impression the group is about the really hard core science stuff or computer stuff, this video is more down to earth and should help with GCSE or A'Level science.

I am actually more interested in Science than computers anyway.

Discuss further

We can perhaps discuss more on Matrix or at a future STEM group event.

Another good place to discuss topics such as this is Science Forums.

Once we start getting a larger community both in person and virtually, then discussions can become more in-depth as there will hopefully be a greater pool of expertise.




Baryon Acoustic Oscillations

This was posted to the Fediverse earlier today, YouTube video to explain how acoustics are helping unlock more cosmological secrets.

This animation shows how baryon acoustic oscillations act as a cosmic ruler for measuring dark energy.

Credit: Claire Lamman/DESI collaboration

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Crest Awards

As we are about trying to promote STEM and related subjects. I am just posting a link to Crest Awards. The event could potentially be a safe place for teams to meet up and collaborate and work on projects relating to this. We have the space and some resources for this.

If anyone is taking part in this, let's perhaps see if and how we can help.




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