Thermalization and Annihilation of Dark Matter in Neutron Stars

neutron star

This was posted to the Fediverse. Link to a paper on arXiv, looking at an idea for searching for Dark Matter, the mysterious substance which makes up a large percentage of the universe. The graphic above is of a Neutron star, I have tried to embed in to this post, so it may not work properly.

If I understand this part of the abstract correctly

we find that capture-annihilation equilibrium, and hence maximal annihilation heating, can be achieved without complete thermalization of the captured dark matter. 

Suggests that the Dark matter can be heated during annihilation, but not (thermalized) sufficiently to destroy it.

Feel free to correct, me as I am not an expert.

I should ask about this on Science Forums but have posted a link to the paper onto matrix for the moment.

We can discuss at the STEM group, or perhaps end up discussing something not requiring a PhD in Physics or Astrophysics.