A regular event where the community can get together, share STEM projects, work on projects and collaborate with others. A place where people can seek help from others or share their own expertise.


We have a good size room available, which has tables, chairs, and access to sinks and water.

stem room

Event Details:

Held on the 2nd Saturday of every month at Paignton Library from 11an to 15:00. From September 2023 we will be in room 12 as this has access to sinks and work surfaces for science experiments or working / building small / medium size items where space is needed for component parts etc.

We aim to:

Further information

Please phone the library on 01803 714460 or email paignton.library@librariesunlimited.org.uk for information.

Please note : This will send a carbon copy of your e-mail to the Paignton Library STEM Group e-mail account.