Huge star explosion to appear in sky

Huge star explosion to appear in sky in once-in-a-lifetime event

This looks interesting and a good opportunity to witness a rare event, but also an opportunity for science and instruments to also observe. For example, the HST can observe in visible light, whereas the JWST could observe in Infra red.

The article can be found here and is published on If you want to observe this, you need to know when or where to look, perhaps install the Stellarium software to help find or consult a good star chart for 2024.

The star is within the Corona Borealis constellation. Which is, also known as the northern crown.

I have not started a thread on science forums, but if someone does start one, I can link below. In the meantime, I will leave in a general link. I have also included a link to the [contact page]() so we can discuss further on Matrix or perhaps the Fediverse.



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