Bird flu adaptability

This is interesting, but also worrying at the same time Now that bird flu is spreading among cows, scientists worry where H5N1 will jump next

One of the nice things about the Fediverse is that you can have really intellectual discussions about things like this, comment, and engage in constructive conversations. This is part of the thread that pointed to the above article

While cattle aren't known for being an ideal host for many flu viruses, pigs are potent viral mixing vessels. That's because swine have both human-adapted receptors and avian-adapted receptors in their respiratory tracts, Moncla said, meaning they can be infected with either type of pathogen"

The potential for H1N1 to adapt and infect humans is there, Keeping animals in proximity to each other, won't help matters China’s 26-storey pig skyscraper ready to slaughter 1 million pigs a year

This could be a ticking time bomb towards the next pandemic. A related article here

So why put this on the stem group blog, It is active science, interesting and highlights how important it is, for people to study STEM subjects so we have scientists who can help combat this in the future.