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Adapt Learning Suite

As part of the Debian Academy [1], we are currently using Moodle [2] and also Adapt [3] to help create courses. So far I have just had a look at this, but I have found a training guide [4] and was sent a YouTube [5] by David B. So should, with help be able to come up with some ideas for courses.

The idea of Debian Academy, is to help more people in to contributing to Debian, by introducing how to get involved, from packaging, testing. bug reporting and mentoring and much more.

If you are interested in joining please e-mail the team from the Wiki page [1] or join us on IRC – #debian-academy on oftc [6]


1 Debian Academy 2 Moodle 3 Adapt Learning 4 Training Guide 5 Creating responsive elearning with Adapt Authoring Tool – YouTube 6 OFTC


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Guide to the fediverse

With the Fediverse expanding it is really nice to have some great resources to explain how both the Fedivese ad in this case Mastodon work. This explanation is from torresjrjr

There is also a video on Peertube below.

More resources will be posted shortly, in the mean time you can sign up here

After which this website useful to help you find people with similar interests.


Debian Admin Handbook

The latest edition of the Debian Administrator's handbook, which covers the latest release Debian 10 (Buster) has been released.

You can download or view online.


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Programming and AI: A Guide for Parents

This was posted to LinkedIn. I am sharing here as it may be of interest to anyone looking at where the industry is moving and gives an idea of what to be learning. It is also important for parents to understand so they can support learning.

I would encourage everyone to learn to code, I would encourage parents to learn what this is about so they can support their children. After all events such as Code Club or the Tech Jam would require parental permission.

It is also important for parents to understand so they can talk to their children about what they are doing, help them find information and sort out the bad information from the good, understanding how to use online forums and importantly stay safe by not sharing personal or private information.

While learning at home is possible, being able to meet up with other developers helps solve problems, builds social skills and you can get help with bigger projects leading to developing team and leadership skills, all very important to employers.

Programming and AI: A Guide for Parents – Nisha Talagala – Medium

Programming and AI: A Guide for Parents

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Where to learn (or where to get started)

You can learn these skills from a wide range of providers both physical colleges / universities or via online learning,

The developer roadmap may also be of interest,

While schools can help so can events such as Tech Jams or code club. Adults such as youth workers need to understand this technology so they can encourage the learning and not discourage through not understanding and fear that comes with that.

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