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Adapt Learning Suite

As part of the Debian Academy [1], we are currently using Moodle [2] and also Adapt [3] to help create courses. So far I have just had a look at this, but I have found a training guide [4] and was sent a YouTube [5] by David B. So should, with help be able to come up with some ideas for courses.

The idea of Debian Academy, is to help more people in to contributing to Debian, by introducing how to get involved, from packaging, testing. bug reporting and mentoring and much more.

If you are interested in joining please e-mail the team from the Wiki page [1] or join us on IRC – #debian-academy on oftc [6]


1 Debian Academy 2 Moodle 3 Adapt Learning 4 Training Guide 5 Creating responsive elearning with Adapt Authoring Tool – YouTube 6 OFTC


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Debian Academy update

As posted about on the 14th September I am involved in the DebianAcademy.

In addition making various related presentations in LaTeX / Beamer. I am currently working on a Moodle course how to do this.

So the LaTeX template, is being used as part of the course, and it can also be used as a basis for other presentations.

So far this is work in progress.

In other news I have submitted an article to the Torbay Weekly to promote the DebianAcademy and reach out to a few more potential contributors.

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