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After using Mastodon for a while, I found that the federated feed moved so quickly, that it was difficult to select and block post if needed.

Investigating further and asking on irc (#mastodon) on Freenode I found a solution to this.

Firstly to slow down the feed go to the settings menu (the 3 horizontal bars) and under settings, select preferences

settings 1

From here, you can tick slow mode as illustrated above. By default on the instance I am using sensitive content is hidden. If this is not the case on your instance or you want to change this setting, then further down is the option for this:

hide sensitive content

Hopefully this brief post is helpful to people out there. If you need further help there is further technical and user support available.

Paul Sutton zleap on IRC and on Mastodon.

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Adult filters – Compensation

A bbc report on 24th Jan 2020, covers the continuing problem of trying to protect young people from accessing adult material while using the Internet.

This scheme has been dropped, and the companies trying to develop the solution, spending millions, quite rightly want compensation.

This policy seems to have been doomed from the start, firstly it seems no one actually knows how to do this, the UK government also failed to inform the EU, so the implementation was delayed by six months, and industry experts were not convinced the policy would even work as users would find a way to circumvent the filters.

In addition to this, uploading of passports and other ID information raises serious privacy concerns.

There is wide acknowledgement something has to be done, but no one seems to have come up with a solution yet.

The solution(s) may have nothing to do with technology. It is about education, educate people properly on how to behave, how to treat others, equality and making everyone feel valued. This starts at home and is enforced in schools. Of course adults really need to set the example. Not sure how that is going to happen when you get vile trolling of people.

We have many laws, surely we need to start enforcing them. We should also hold parent / guardians responsible, perhaps the prospect of actual jail and a long term criminal record will result in action.

We need a gender diverse workforce in schools too, as that way we can have positive male AND female role models, Some schools hardly have any male staff, why is this, esp in 2020 when we are meant to have the equality act.

Another bbc article yesterday 25/2/2020 Facebook and YouTube moderators sign PTSD disclosure really does highlight the issue. Something is clearly NOT working,

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