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After using Mastodon for a while, I found that the federated feed moved so quickly, that it was difficult to select and block post if needed.

Investigating further and asking on irc (#mastodon) on Freenode I found a solution to this.

Firstly to slow down the feed go to the settings menu (the 3 horizontal bars) and under settings, select preferences

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From here, you can tick slow mode as illustrated above. By default on the instance I am using sensitive content is hidden. If this is not the case on your instance or you want to change this setting, then further down is the option for this:

hide sensitive content

Hopefully this brief post is helpful to people out there. If you need further help there is further technical and user support available.

Paul Sutton zleap on IRC and on Mastodon.

#mastrodon, #settings, #safety, #filters, #fediverse

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