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Facebook and personal data, the farce carries on.

Not a week goes by without Facebook or rather its parent company Meta Being in the news. A recent article, raises yet more questions about what happens to our personal data once Facebook / Meta get hold of it.

The GDPR is very clear as to how data can be used, the fact Facebook appear unable to control what goes on, shows they are not fit for purpose. Companies or individuals that use Facebook could end up complicit in any data misuse.

The problem probably arises as YOU sign up to Facebook and therefore consent to them using your data, photos etc.

This is why CHOICE is important. I don't have a problem with education establishments using Facebook for student communication, I just won't use it. I do object to people assuming I use Facebook.


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Google Analytics declared illegal in the EU

This news has just broken.

Could have some interesting implications, even though the UK has left the EU, the UK has adopted the GDPR.

A good step for people currently using google analytics would be to swtich to something like Matomo (see link below) which is an alternative.




Remote education

With the current Covd19 crisis in the UK, getting worse (again), Areas entering tier 4, (highest lockdown), Schools are closing and in some cases using remote education.

This brings up the prospect of them using non free tools, that when it comes to privacy may not be as private as first thought.


There is a really good article here on the GNU website, that explains the problem.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation have an event coming up on privacy on campus

It would be great if there could now be a big push to promote free and open source tools, to help level up education, and actually safeguard children, young people and adults from data harvesting etc.

So what, free, open source and privacy / rights respecting remote tools can we use for teaching?

I am now involved in an effort to take the digital skills framework (UK) and look at how we can achieve this using free and open source software. This project can be found on Codeberg

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