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This looks like a really good tool and community, so am sharing here to help with reach.

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Paignton Library STEM Group – October 2022

The October STEM group meeting will be taking place on Saturday 8/10/2022.

Harding is looking at doing a talk / discussion on

  • Historical units, and dimensions in equations.
  • For engineering equations I offer two examples:-
    • The bending of beams
    • Aerodynamic lift from a wing.
  • Well will also have Prospects from Brixham joining us Prospects have interest in “data, data analytics, data science, perhaps making things with sensors and Raspberry Pis”
  • This event also falls during World Space Week



Photo 2

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Astro PI mission zero 2022

This years challenge launched on 22nd September.

Mission Zero offers young people the chance to have their code run in space! Write a simple program to take a reading from the colour and luminosity sensor on an Astro Pi computer on board the International Space Station, and use it to set the background colour in a personalised image for the astronauts to see as they go about their daily tasks.

Entries for Mission Zero 2022/23 are open from 22 September 2022 to 17 March 2023. 




National Coding Week

National Coding Week 19th-25th September 2022

It will be national coding week soon, starting on the 19th September 2022 (Monday)

*Nat Coding Week



Paignton Library STEM Group – September 2022

The library has Cancelled this event due to the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II.



Paignton Library STEM Group – September 2022

The September STEM group meeting will be taking place on Saturday 10/9/2022.

There is a post on the STEM Group blog with further details.



Paignton Library STEM Group – August 2022 Writeup

The August STEM group meeting took place on Saturday 13/8/2022. It was a quiet meeting but fairly productive.

I partly set up a monitor / keyboard and mouse as I was expecting 2 attendees to come along for help with a Raspberry Pi. They didn't make it so we just carried on with the other planned activities.

We watched the August Space Telescope Science Institute public lecture ( recording ) and had an interesting discussion around this, which also led to a discussion on photography and infra red and UV filtering. Harding also offered a talk on Space and time, which we will discuss further and agree for a later date.

Prior to the meeting starting, and with help from Loic at the library, we set up a tablet with the Lego WeDo 2.0 and got this working. So this is another activity for both Code Club and a future STEM Group meeting.

The next two Code Club will take place on the 20th August and 3rd September, while the next STEM group meeting will be on 10th September. So hopefully more of the same.


Paignton Library STEM Group – August 2022

The August STEM group meeting will take place on Saturday 13/8/2022. As with previous events, this will be a mix of Science, Technology, and Engineering subjects along with discussions and a look at projects brought along to the event.

We will be watching the August Space Telescope Science Institute public lecture ( recording )

Note : I have now fixed the issue with low volume, so we can now turn the sound up to level where people can hear any audio clearly.


Speaker: Alexandra Lockwood (Space Telescope Science Institute)

The Webb Space Telescope has recently showcased its spectacular first images and is now ready to do incredible science! It has been a long road to get here, including meticulous planning, exacting execution, and an amazing amount of teamwork! Join Dr. Alex Lockwood as she talks about the journey from launch to commissioning, explores details of the first images and spectra, and helps us understand the awesome scientific potential of NASA's newest great observatory.

Recorded live on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

Preceding this I have found a short video to explain emission and absorption spectra,

I have linked some courses on FreeCodeCamp, that are partially related to data analysis and use of Python in Science.

Schedule (talk / video stream)

The plan is to watch video, then have a discussion around this.

Schedule (projects stream)

As we are a bring you own projects group, then attendees can bring what they are working on, or perhaps carry on with what they are doing at Code Club for example.





STEM Science Session at Paignton Library

Sphere science will be running a family science session on Tuesday 23rd August at Paignton Library.

They are looking for some teenage volunteers to help run the session. Training provided in the morning, then after lunch present some activities to families.

Please see below for details

STEM Session

STEM Session



Code Club & STEM Group updates 4

Identify different video out connectors. I am making this post, as I may need to ask people what type of video connectors they have on their hardware, this will help them, help me. I can then turn up at a school or other venue with the correct cables.

A few pictures below, from OpenClipArt


VGA Connector


HDMI Connector, this should give a rough idea of the size, shape


DVI Connector Links