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Astronify – application

Last year I watched a lecture on some software called astronify, This is used to scan an image from a telescope and turn different parts of the image in to sound.

So for example, a blue star may be presented at a high frequency, where as a red star may be presented at a lower frequency when played as sound.

The original lecture was about making astronomy accessible to people with sight loss. I wrote more about this in a blog post

Fast forward to 2022 and this technology has been used for further research which is presented in the following paper:-

Evaluating the efficacy of sonification for signal detection in univariate, evenly sampled light curves using astronify




Covid 19 Origins

One of the early theories about Covid 19, was that it originated in a Wuhan market, where humans and animals were in close contact.

Recent research seems to have confirmed this. There are several mainstream media (newspaper) articles on this. I decided to try and find a more useful source. so this article on Web MD seems a good initial source.

I think the above articles are also peer reviewed, so they are a more credible source, plus it is far better to read the original articles / papers than news paper reports which end up inaccurate, if the Journalist is not a specialist or just in some case lazy and sloppy.

The sense about science website has some good information and advise with regard to asking for evidence for research purposes. Along with this is an excellent introduction to the peer review process, so well worth reading.

It is good, that we are finally seeing the results of actual research in to this, and while it probably won't put conspiracy theories to bed, it may influence policies etc that are hopefully based on researched based evidence.


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Peer review process

I have been contacting various organisations to ask for resources for the STEM group, Sense About Science [1] have now sent the Library some resources.

On their website, I found a really interesting document looking at the peer review process [2].

Well worth reading, even if you are not in academia.


  1. SenseAboutScience
  2. Peer review process



Planets form in organic soups with different ingredients

Interesting article found on Mastodon, scientists have mapped the chemical composition of planetary nurseries. Looks like I have quite a bit of reading to do, as there are 3 papers linked to this article.

I have included the usual links to the original article & discourse discussion.





Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. “Planets form in organic soups with different ingredients: A series of new images reveals that planets form in organic soups — and no two soups are alike.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 15 September 2021

New evidence of a large cold spot partly causing dimming of Betelgeuse

This is another interesting item found on the Fediverse. It seems Betelgeuse is still active. It does appear that there are different ideas as to why this is happening

If Betelgeuse does go Super Nova then this activity may give clues to how stars can behave before hand, giving indications to future events that can be studied more closely perhaps.

I have added a discourse link in case anyone would like to comment further generally.

I have downloaded the paper for this, from Nature Communications.




Translate Science

Another interesting project that I found on Mastodon. This is translating academic and science texts to different languages.

I have replied to their Mastodon post and also mentioned the Africa Wiki project / contest. As the two projects could complement each other if there are articles on Wikipedia about African Scientists and contributors to science. Ensure these articles on Wikipedia are also translated. But also perhaps translate associated Science texts too.

Of course it is all down to the number of people who have the skills are willing to share these skills.

From a personal viewpoint, I really feel employers MUST recognise these contributions. They are valuable to the projects but also help people develop important skills such as remote collaboration.




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