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Wordpress and activity pub

If you are using Wordpress and would like to federate to Mastodon for example then this article on the wordpress website may be useful.

Thank you to Feditips for posting this to Mastodon.

You can follow the Activity Pub Plugin Author here


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I joined Mastodon social network last year. I am now reposting this guide to signing up and getting started.

Firstly you need to go to join mastodon where you will be presented with the following:-


Clicking on Get Started actually takes further down the page to:-


Where you can select from one of the many instances available, your choice may be influenced by:-

  • Geographical location
  • Interests
  • Number of users on a particular instance

Or some other reason.

I decided to go for as this is a STEM related instance. So clicking on the signup link.


Filled in the credentials. After which I am asked to confirm. You will be asked to agree to some terms and conditions too.


Once confirmed you are taken to a set of 3 intro pages:




Then you are presented with


Where you can now set up your profile etc.

— Finding people to follow.

Enter their fediverse id in to the search box.


Usually this takes the form of


You can follow me on the above server by clicking this link.

In order for you to see items from my blog in your feed you need to take the following step in your profile settings.

Which is pretty easy to do, clearly this gives you a lot of control over what is then fed in to your feed.


Very easy sign up process, which is great, it looks like this instance also supports inline $\LaTeX$ which is cool too. I have now subscribed to this blog from mastodon.

Not quite ready to #deletetwitter yet, I have some contacts. Compared to the sign-up process on more old fashioned social media this is a breeze.



You can find me on Friendica at

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