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Getting Hydrogen out of banana peels

Getting Hydrogen out of banana peels

This is interesting, and potentially a good way to make use of waste material. I have included a few links below, and the article link is in the main links below.

It would also be interesting to figure out if a school has such a Xenon lamp, should be possible to try and reproduce this in a school lab. I would guess the Hydrogen gas could be collected if the mass was in put in say a boillng tube, with a bung, and glass tube to a collection tube, then the Hydrogen could be collected and tested for with a lighted splint, so you would listen for the 'pop' made when the Hydrogen ignites. So on a small scale it would prove that Hydrogen can be produced.

UPDATE 25/2/2022

I have found an update to this, from the Royal Society of Chemistry article here



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Peat Bogs under threat

Plan to drain Congo peat bog for oil could release vast amount of carbon

The guardian newspaper had an article on this. This could make another STEM topic discussion point. Protecting the environment is important and we can't neglect issues such as this by concentrating on our carbon footprint.

If we drive a car, we can work out the Carbon footprint from how much fuel we burn, but does this calculation include how much Carbon is released if it is released during the extraction process, such as what is mentioned in the article.

With all the talk on Carbon footprints, why don't we also focus on how much Nitrogen Oxides and other particulates. are released by cars?

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