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Collaborative editing

One of the really great things about the Fediverse is that others are willing to chip in and help. I was working on another article for the Beach Hut [1]. As this was about Mastodon and the Fediverse. I asked for help.

Pasting a draft in to a Disroot [2] pad and then pasting a link in to mastodon so that others could collaborate editing, within an hour the article was pretty much completed with others users connecting and editing.

Collaborative Ediitng

This was real time collaboration using free software and also open source software tools. The article will now be submitted for hopeful publication in the January 2022 issue.

You can find out more about Mastodon at [3].


  1. The Beach Hut
  2. Disroot 3 Join Mastodon]


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E-safety Website

As I have been attending seminars on e-safety, I decided to try and collate some of what I have been learning and combine this with some of my knowledge of programming websites such as:-

  • Scratch

My idea is to try and develop a resource which lists benefits, potential risks of using these websites. As these sites have a collaborative element to them.

This is still work in progress, but getting there slowly. I am using the programming website for this project.

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Hopefully, I can eventually share this with people. The benefits of being able to ask for help and have other programmers help you are clear.

I hope through this project that I can share my experience and help others stay safe, ask question in the right way and consider responses to those questions carefully.

I would also hope this demonstrates, some of the skills I am learning and helps me gain meaningful employment.

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