E-safety Website

As I have been attending seminars on e-safety, I decided to try and collate some of what I have been learning and combine this with some of my knowledge of programming websites such as:-

My idea is to try and develop a resource which lists benefits, potential risks of using these websites. As these sites have a collaborative element to them.

This is still work in progress, but getting there slowly. I am using the programming website repl.it for this project.

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Hopefully, I can eventually share this with people. The benefits of being able to ask for help and have other programmers help you are clear.

I hope through this project that I can share my experience and help others stay safe, ask question in the right way and consider responses to those questions carefully.

I would also hope this demonstrates, some of the skills I am learning and helps me gain meaningful employment.

#internet, #safety, #programming, #coding, #collaborative, #esafety.

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