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from Paul Sutton

SpaceX Docking

Following yesterdays successful SpaceX launch, the Dragon Module is due to dock with the ISS later on today at about 14:30 GMT (15:30 BST).

#science, #spacex, #ISS, #dragon, #space, #travel

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from Paul Sutton

Future skills with free code camp

As with a previous article, I have said that digital skills are essential. With the current lock down looking like it will be with us for several months, perhaps now is the time to think about updating your digital skills or learn something new.

Free Code Camp [1] offers hours of programming tutorials plus free interactive certification courses in :-

  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Algoritims and Data Structures
  • Front End Libraries
  • Data Visualization
  • APIs and Microservices
  • Information Security and Quality Assurance

Each of these offers about 300 hours of learning, each then offers a set of challenges to help test what you have been learning. You can gain a certificate to recognise your achievement(s).

fcc-lesson Fig 1: One of the lessons from the HTML Module

You can sign up, and login to Free Code Camp using ether your Facebook, Google, or Github account credentials.

Once you are signed up and signed in, the system will track of your progress, and you can carry on from where you left off. If you get stuck with any of the exercises then you can view a video, get a hint or ask on the excellent forums where you will find a really helpful community.

With Free Code Camp, you can learn some very useful skills, when combined this with the other resources that are available on the website and on the internet in general, there is the potential to learn even more.



from lrb

It's been quite a while since I posted. Maybe I felt better!

As an update, all treatment for the Trigeminal Neuralgia has been postponed due to the “unprecedented global situation”. The pain has somewhat calmed down, so I'm not too worried. And after speaking to the neurologist on the phone, he has put my mind at rest about MS being a cause.

I've been working through the lockdown, from home. No one else in management took a leadership role, so I decided to step up and fill the void. It's landed me a promotion and a role pretty much central to the ownership of the company. What was that I was saying about quitting the rat race?

I jest – I'm taking the role as a slower-paced, cognitive thing. Planning, strategy, thinking. Less day-to-day firefighting should really help me long term.

Life is weird, like it is for all of us. I'm uncertain of what to do, where to go, and who with. Torn between following, and thinking for myself. What isn't in question is that I won't voluntarily be the reason someone else gets this virus, that's for sure.

We have to stick together. Fighting is no longer viable. We need each other, regardless of what differences we have.


from Darkened underpass


話說半年前買入一台二手的 Casio WK-110 電子琴,卻一直未能充分利用它來練習指法,心裏怪罪推脫的藉口因為它放置的風水不好,讓我無法安心長久地待在它面前好好練琴。


下圖是分別放WK-110 與 E-36的展示圖。


from Paul Sutton

Free Code Camp – Visual Design 7

Now fully completed Applied Visual Design module with FreeCodeCamp so have now reached 100% of the way through the module

visual design 7

On onto Applied Accessibility next

#learn, #freecodecamp, #web, #responsive,#visual #design, #html, #css, #skills, #codeclub,

Happy to provide help and support via decentralised social media. I can be contacted on Mastodon here. You can get a free account on the instance by following this link.

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from Paul Sutton


This is a quick post to remind everyone to stay safe while online and communicating on forums or e-communities.

Keeping safe applies to everyone, however the following below is aimed at anyone under 18.

As most people are probably not at school due to the Covid19 lock down, you should be able to contact your school for help on e-safety issues. You can also ask a parent / guardian for advice.

You should ASK permission before signing up to the website(s) mentioned in these posts. You may need a parent to sign up, if you're under 13 for example. They should help keep you safe by following the guidelines and advice. Talk about any concerns or worries.

Know how to use the forums and who to report problems to, this could include technical issues.


from Darkened underpass

Czerny599 No.41

隨著練習車爾尼599鋼琴初級教程( Czerny Practical Method for Beginners op599)進入中後段,進展是越來越慢,每週若能往後推進多熟練一兩首已經算是達標。作品599 是為鋼琴初學者設計以強化各項基本技巧,曲子並不長,大約是2~4行約30~40小節(不計算重覆的部份)。而且這本練習曲有一大特色就是每支曲子中段都有一個反始符號,然後在最末段又來一次重回中段後半部,故前後各重覆一次才算完整。




from Urban ecology notes

Said Frost:

Poetry is that' s lost in traslation

write poetry it's not take notes

You don't take notes making love

but who need poetry except the writer?

Do you need to read it that I'm writing?

I'm just learn to use my editor of text, poetry is out there

Reading poetry is like falling in love

writing is rational poetry is out there

all that fall that fall in love

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from Darkened underpass

《Instrumental 》by James Rhodes

PTT 鋼琴版上中年學琴的話題裏某人提供了一則 BBC 文化版的文章《活到老學到老 什麼時候學樂器都不算晚》連結,文中提到 James Rhodes' 回憶錄《Instrumental 》作者曾經遭遇精神崩潰,音樂則在他恢復和救贖的過程中扮演了至關重要的角色”。據說有不少讀者讀了該書後,決定重新彈奏鋼琴。

好奇心如我,立即找了全書來看,全文三百頁出頭,共20章,作者刻意為每一章找了符合該章節內容意旨的古典樂曲命名,例如第一章即是18世紀 J.S Bach 為貴族僱主治療失眠困擾所譜寫的《Goldberg Variation》,這個作品為世人所熟知喜愛就不能不提加拿大傳奇鋼琴家 Glenn Gould 的推廣演譯。

本來我有點一頭霧水,不知道為什麼作者在序言與第一章就在喃喃自己的精神狀況與家庭人際關係,為什麼要以 Glenn Gould 彈奏的《Goldberg Variation》為全書揭開第一章,原以為不過是藝術家彰顯敏感的表現手法,結果第一章最後一句才驚嚇到,原來 James 精神崩潰的原因是五六歳時即遭受到小學課外活動體育老師的性侵害!!原本打算一天讀一章,昨晚便緊接著讀了第二章....




from Darkened underpass





from Darkened underpass

DAW 學習系列: LMMS

隨著學琴進度緩慢堵塞,只好找找其它的發洩出口,故想來學學玩玩免費的 Digital Audio WorkStation, DAW,便分別下載了 Ardour, CakeWalk(僅支援 windows)。但在一頭栽入這個坑之前,更基本的問題是:到底什麼是 DAW ? 我需要想要做什麼得靠 DAW 協助完成的工作嗎?還是只是吃飽沒事隨便便看看?其背後的動機恐怕是不成器的最後一個。

LMMS 算是我第一個學習的DAW (嚴格說起來第一個摸的 audio 軟體是 Audacity),”當初”(大約半年多前)透過 Ryndon一系列十八課引入門(強烈推薦也可以順便看看他其它開源軟體的教學影片),但之後就幾乎很少再碰 LMMS。

昨天試著下載一支 midi 格式的流行曲,將之滙入 import 到 LMMS 即會自動代解析其組成之原始音軌,然後利用不同樂器的soundfont ,把曲子改成由木吉它或是管弦樂、鋼琴演奏不同版本的聲音,關於 LMMS midi 格式檔的玩法,可參考 TJFree 該系列第13課

不過在 Ardour, CakeWalk 底下,要先讓滙入的 midi 檔可以發出聲響,我居然還找不到方法!!!! 昏.....



from ThisIsATest

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from Medhannibaldentaire

Implants dentaires : remplacement dents manquantes

Les implants dentaires sont placés chirurgicalement dans votre mâchoire, où ils servent de racines aux dents manquantes.

Parce que le titane dans les implants fusionne avec votre mâchoire, les implants ne glisseront pas, ne feront pas de bruit et n'endommageront pas les os de la même façon que les ponts fixes ou les prothèses dentaires.

Et les matériaux ne peuvent pas se décomposer comme vos propres dents qui supportent les ponts réguliers.

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