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from The Warubozu Usagi


Praxia Gateway is a Solar Gateway — the official wormhole gate for the Praxia system. Its Universal ID is Prax.001. One of the busier gateways in the galaxy, the wait times can vary between 6 hours to a full day, especially during Earth holidays of Christmas, New Years, and Chinese New Years.

Prior to leaving Praxia, it is recommended to reserve your gate departure slot ahead of time with the Praxia Gateway Authority to avoid waiting in line. Reservations can only be done online and up to a week in advance. However, those who have a FastGate Pass can fly up to the bypass line and receive priority (immediate) access.


from Darkened underpass

週末看了好和弦製作的《學鋼琴完全指南》後,便找了其中推薦給新手的練習曲目 —— Streabbog 第 63, 64號作品樂譜。第63號作品又名︰Twelve very easy and melodious studies for piano。先試彈了第 1 段

從以上二頁共 28小節的安排可以看出,這段 C 大調的曲子,主要就是在練習 C 大調和弦家族主要的和弦組成(I, IV, V => C, F, G) 的反轉變化(inversion)與其琶音(arpeggios)。掌握了作者欲強調的練習重點後,這段曲子練起來蠻算”輕鬆”,整段彈下來並沒覺得有不易攻克的難點,於是就很開心地練習。原來距離我上回記練彈琴記錄日記,已有七個月間隔之久了啊。



from Paignton Library STEM Group

Upcoming computing contests

This was posted on my main blog as part of a code club post. As this is closely tied in with the STEM group. I am just sharing the information here too.

There is a young coders contest coming up in 2023, that runs from January to May. The video below is from the 2022 contest

Hopefully by the 17th they will have the registration form available.

There is also Youth Hacking 4 freedom however you have until 31st December 2022 to sign up, so if you are interested please do so ASAP.

Just found GCHQ christmas contest details will be available from the 7th December.


from The Warubozu Usagi

A fixed multi-wing VTOL-enabled spaceship registered as an LSE-class unit. It's a second-hand Vayacandis with over 5M LY (Light Years) on it, originally with a stock FP-6200 fusion drive engine.

Procured by Warubozu Usagi in a deal with black market dealers, in return for 3 years of work as a mule between planets.

While legally registered as LSE-class, it has been heavily modded and legally out of spec of the LSE-class. Modifications (both legal and illegal) include:

  • An inline turbo boost add-on that can produce 2x more power for 30 seconds with a 30-minute cooldown.
  • Added a second fusion drive engine with split output
  • Stripped down back half, previously pressurized cabin quarters, to partially pressurized, hidden cargo storage.
  • Hidden (retractable) light armament at the forward position and a single heavy armament (one missile bay) at the aft, with light armaments to the port and starboard.
  • Other fittings to turn the ship into a viable shiplife vessel, including individual quarter flush toilets and showers, and a water tank with an inline recycler.

Named the Black Flea by Warubozu Usagi because, like a black flea, his ship is fast, tiny, and comes with a good — if tiny — bite (its weapons). Syvil suggests that, like a black flea, everyone hates it, including the crew. (She loves it.)

While it looks like a stripped down Galactic Police patrol unit, it was previously used as a science exploration vessel. Warubozu Usagi's paint job is what gives the ship a police patrol unit vibe.

Images of The Black Flea


from The Warubozu Usagi

11:59(ish) pm

Parked at Decca's Spaceport 13F, parking boot removed, fines paid by Doogé

The crew of The Black Flea sleep overnight together in a guest suite at Doogé's complex, on account that Red and Wu-chan would not wake up.

WU: Oh wow. That was the best sleep I've had in years. Wait, where are we?

S: I bet you slept well. You and Red kept us up most of the night with your snoring.

SM: I. Need. A. Latte.

Meri: (yawning with mouth wide open) Wuf.

Red: Who's ready for more food?

(Door bell rings)

Doogé: (behind door) Hello? Are you guys up?

WU: Yo, what up, D? Come on in.

Doogé: It's Doogé.I brought breakfast with me. Shall we talk over breakfast about the proposal?

S: (whacks Wu-chan on the arm) Will you grow up?

RP: Oh. Oh my. Is, is this real bacon and eggs?

Doogé: That it is.

RP: (eating out of the serving tray) Oh. My. God. I've never tasted real bacon before! This is amazing!

(everyone rushes to grab bacon, eggs, biscuits, and coffee)

WU: (mouth full) Sffff wuffff dwff juff abufff?

Doogé: Excuse me?

S: He asked about the job, I think.

Meri: (eating bacon) Wuuuuf!

Doogé: Right. So, I briefly mentioned yesterday that we're deep underground so that we can do some quantum-time testing without interference from cosmic rays, right?

WU: (mouth fuller than earlier) Mmmm hmmm.

Doogé: Yes. So, one of the things we noticed is that the tiny inanimate objects we'd send back — we're talking a few milimeters in size — would transmit disintegrated objects.

SM: Scrambled qubits?

Doogé: In this case, no.

SM: Imposition of both states?

Doogé: No, no. Are. Have. Do. Are you a quantum physicist?

SM: Me? Ha! No. I mean, I dabble.

S: She dabbles a lot.

SM: Well, enough to send messages back as far back as 73 years.

Doogé: (pauses for a momemt) Huh...

Meri: Wuf wuf!

WU: Yeah, Syvil and Shoko are the brains of this crew. I don't know how they did it, but Shoko's been sending dispatches back to someone — we don't really know...

SM: (interrupting Wu-chan) Okay then! Go on.

Doogé: Wait what?

SM: Please, go on!

Doogé: Well, we believe it has more to do with the stability of the space immediately around the object. We've been crafting shielding to encase small objects, and so far we've been fairly successful.

SM: Wait, so you've sent objects back into time?

Doogé: Oh dear no. We've sent it from one room in the complex to the other. Anyway, Jageda Industries apparently has been working on an extraordinary prototype that allows brains to...

WU: You want us to steal a prototype?

Doogé: No, no. I want you to copy all the data of their research and sneak it out.

WU: Done.

(the crew turns to Wu-chan)




WU: Look, you two love this stuff. Think about how much closer we'd be to transporting ourselves to the past in the Black Flea! Are you kidding me, yes, we're doing it!

RP: Well, I do think it's cool. But Cap, this is Jageda Industries. You really think we're going to sneak in there? I don't think so.

S: You must be out of your mind.

WU: Look, I'm betting Dogio has it mostly figured out already, amirite?

Doogé: It's Doogé, but, indeed.

WU: See? Look, this crew is awesome. We got here didn't we? Doge, how many other crews have failed the test?

Doogé: It's still Doogé. About 70 give or take.

WU: See? We can do this, I know it!

S: Okay, so, yeah, it's tempting, but...

RP: K, I'm in.

S: What?

SM: Mmm. Me too. I think this'll be fun!

S: Shoko. We. Could. Die.

SM: Or get captured!

WU: Yeah! Doogé, we're in!

S: (sighs) Fine.

Meri: Wuf!

Doogé: Excellent! When you're ready to leave, I'll have a couple of tons of food and toys from our lab for you. Gambatte!

WU: Hai! Domo, Dogo!


from Linux-fueled Thoughts Unhinged

(This is from October 16, 2022.)

“Can't Think” is a subtly red-pilled emotional prose piece on internet addiction. It doesn't scream at you to wake up right now, like the “Wake Up Right Now!” spray from Omega Mart's Halloween Special commercial.

Of course, nothing about this issue is as simple as taking the red-pill and waking up... well, that's not even what happens in the 1999 film The Matrix, but forget about the plot. “Plot doesn't matter”, as Sam Esmail has said.

The page is curiously offered up when you go to CloudTube, which is maintained by Cadence. Cadence was the former lead developer on Bibliogram (a front-end for Instagram, so effectively good for viewing the latest post from public Instagram users, or seeing how bios of private Instagram users change over time), but that shut down about 1-2 months ago, as of the middle of October 2022. Cadence has made positive discussions with Austin Huang, who was the lead developer on Barinsta (a FOSS Android app that logs into Instagram but was shut down in mid-2021, due to a law firm handing over a cease and desist letter on behalf of Facebook).

(Gosh, it's actually easier to make a Facebook account with higher levels of privacy and anonymity from Facebook, out of all Big Tech apps/sites, than Instagram. Either hope a fresh JMP number from the West Cost of the U.S. works for SMS account verification texts, or obtain a prepaid SIM card only to port that number into JMP Chat to make a single Instagram account with relative privacy and anonymity. Lastly, you better use if you even want to try logging into Barinsta once in 2022 — the app likely works, but many things like chronological ordering of everyone you follow no longer works... I think.)

Of course, my commentary doesn't matter — it always hedges towards what Westerners expect philosophical or religious commentary is expected to be (more like the highest peak or “golden age” of Europe's Enlightenment, yet detrimental). There is important commentary out there, but it is more like Theravada Buddhism commentary, but this situation is rare: the literal, verbatim source material is so scarce and small that commentary needs to be supplied by a sufficiently competent and trustworthy teacher to show the way (or, at least part of the way).

Tangent: shark maids and slow internet

Suricrasia Online is a very funny idea to me.

Of course the entire premise of Suricrasia Online is somewhat of an elaborate joke. If you check out the library, some of the entries include something called Bepis: The Lost Guide from the programming sociology-centric publisher O'Reiley (second only to No Starch Press, of course). The Lost Guide series is real (which feature a dog and seemed to peak during the early 2000-nots, when written information for applications such as Microsoft Office XP were harder to come by or had its price significantly increased for being “approved” guides from Microsoft), but just the presence of word “bepis” indicates that some childish and infantile humor is being used here, as one quick look towards the direction of Urban Dictionary will show you.

(Gosh, I sound as dry yet exacting as the fricken AI that explains jokes from novel research released in early 2022...)

It's just curious to see “the slow side of the Internet” (where everything isn't the 5G or higher cellular protocol/connectivity speed on a goddamned iPhone 14 with vehicle collision detection and some stupid virgin millennial implementation for emergency satellite calling) combined with decentralized depictions of furries that aren't attached to the centralized hubs of FurAffinity, Weasyl, or paywalled lewd art supported on Patreon.

In fact, I'm willing to argue that the centralized platforms have indirectly created everything wrong with the paywalled Patreon art... but I don't want to get lost on that line on thinking here.

(I think furries aren't bad, but they become bad more easily when they become super centralized — but that's the same for political groups, adtech social media sites, school systems, or municipal governments. Of course, nobody wants to actually talk about furries without the obligatory “yuck” exclamation because of sensationalism — yet no one's claiming that the man behind “Down the Rabbit Hole” is a furry after making the “History of Furries” video. Also, the majority of Night Mind's viewers on YouTube are blissfully ignorant of the fact that Nick Nocturne is a fursuiter — a fact easily overlooked if you've never lurked on the Night Mind account on Twitter. People are so stupid. As one of my Socratic figures would endorse: the question is, “Why are people so stupid and incapable of objective and unbiased critical thinking?” and the answer is, “Yes.”)

Conclusion thing

Anyways, it has been fun to explore the part of the Internet that isn't centralized and ad-tech entrenched. Even sites like 4chan and Reddit have lost their respective appeal. Sorry to sound the exact opposite of egalitarian, but the Internet has become too easy to use in 2022 for the vectoralists of Mackenzie Wark's work (from A Hacker's Manifesto to take over and ruin everything for everyone else.

That is what I believe some the Linux users actually mean when they agree with the sentiment that Linux shouldn't become mainstream. It already kind of sucks, namely: nobody actually likes AppImages, Flatpaks, or Snap (yes, we love to hate Canonical from South Africa here in this “club”) packaging of applications. The most vocal people from Privacy Guides (minus BlackLight447) promote the Fedora Linux/RHEL adjacent enough Podman (powered by RPM, a Linux distro line that non-corporate Linuxers hardly use — except for dom0 in Qubes OS) over Docker... which reminds me that Tommy Tran probably has a conflict of interest recommending RPM backed technologies as a RHEL certified software engineer.

(Oh my — won't it be interesting for others after me to compile everything I have into a collected writings book, long after I have passed away...?)


from The Warubozu Usagi

11:43 pm

Overparked at Decca's Spaceport 13F, parking boot applied, fines still adding up, hours away from being impounded

Down the vertical transport pod they went. After two minutes of some Muzak, the doors open.

Doogé: So, welcome to my lair. No more traps, I promise!

WU: Dude, how far below the surface are we?

Doogé: It's Doogé and we're about 80 feet below on the top floor of my complex.

SM: To avoid FOABs, MOABs, and penetrating xrays?

Doogé: That, and most cosmic radiation. At this depth, we're able to do conduct research on scaled up quantum-time transportation experiments without the...

WU: (fake snoring) Boooooring. Where's the food?

S: (whacks Wu-chan on the arm) Warui! Stop tempting fate.

WU: (stomach growling) But, I'm hungry and I can't focus when I'm hungry!

Doogé: Ah ha ha ha! Let's go sit down and have some food. Wu, what would you like to eat?

WU: Do you have any Possibly Meat burgers or hot dogs?

Doogé: Sure. But wouldn't you rather have some Dagyu beef burgers?

RP: Dagyu?

Doogé: We stole DNA from several Wagyu cows and replicated our own stock which we now grow on Decca. We call them Dagyu cows after we recognized that we could GMO the flavor to make it more “beefy” and added some extra umami.

SM: Cool.

WU: Whew! When you said Dagyu, I thought you were using dogs.

Meri: Wof?

S: (glaring at Wu-chan) Warui!

WU: Oh Meri, you know we'd never let anyone take you from us and turn you into food!

Meri: (unamused) Wuf.

(Doogé walks them to the cafeteria)

RP: Oh. My. God. You have an entire cafeteria in here?!?

Doogé: Oh well, this is not just my lair. This is a research and living facility for over 200 people. It's 10 floors and an acre on each level. We're about 1/6th the size of the entire Empire State Building with a cafeteria on every floor.

WU: (jaw dropped) ...

Doogé: Order anything and everything you want off the menu. It's all on me.

(An hour later and after gorging two days' worth of food, Doogé comes back to the cafeteria)

Doogé: Oh dear. You didn't have to stuff yourselves. I was going to send you back with enough food to feed you for a week, even if you walked away.

RP: (belly sticking out and eyes rolling up, struggling to speak) I. Too. Much. Coma. Now.

WU: (slumped back in his chair) Oh gawd. So good. Sooooo much good food.

Doogé: So, who's ready to hear my proposal? Hey, didn't you have a dog with you?

S: Yeah, Meri likes to wander around, exploring everything. Sorry about that. Oh, and sorry if she poops somewhere random.

Doogé: No problem! More fuel for the fusion drives!

S: (poking Wu-chan) You hear that, Wu-chan? You should appreciate Meri for her presents.

WU: (barely awake) Yeah.

SM: We'll take notes just in case they fall asleep.

Doogé: Great! Let's go over to a lounge to talk.

(10 minutes later and halfway across the level, they reach a lounge, Meri nowhere to be found)

Doogé: I think you lost your dog.

S: Meri? Nah. Shoko just needs to call her.

SM: (pulls out whistle and blows) Fwuuuuuuuuff.

Doogé: I didn't hear anything.

S: Yeah, special dog whistle.

Doogé: Are you sure she can hear...

Meri: (appears behind Doogé) Wof.

S: Good girl, Meri! Did you stay out of trouble?

Meri: Wof.

Doogé: Aww, isn't that adorable! What a good girl!

Meri: Wof!

Doogé: Alrighty then. So, here's what I need your help in procuring.

()Wu-chan and Red have fallen asleep.)


from Linux-fueled Thoughts Unhinged

(This is from October 14, 2022.)

Note: I meant to write FSF Foundation wherever I wrote “GNU Foundation” below. I wanted to correct this mistake below, though I also didn't want to go and correct every instance of this with a Git-synced copy. However, the rest of my ideas still stand (along with the executive decision for this post to refuse becoming distracted with excessive journalistic/Markdown hyperlinking).

Such experts, like in the GOS team, are not too different from institutional Buddhists from Thailand or mediocre physicists at underfunded universities: they all have the mental disease of acute nationalist sentiments of other experts (even fellow experts).

None of these people will ever make genuine attempts to communicate clearly or concisely — forget about advising them to not use this speech to both make themselves sound smart and to impress non-experts of their fields.

Let us get real with this apt analogy: is using a sleight of hand magic trick with playing cards to impress a mere monkey truly an incredible feat, or worthwhile as a benchmark of one's success? I hope not! That is such a disingenuous measure of success. (I hope others will fail to impress you with this equivocation on how qualified each and every one of these cranks are after realizing this bit of conventional and earthly truth.)

Only those who has opinions (because everyone inevitably holds them) leading nomadic traveling lives are free from the prejudice and discrimination of the equivalents to xenophobia, racism, and segregation of other experts.

Let's decipher some of this mess, and then I will no longer read the Twitter feed of the GrapheneOS account, which is simply a soapbox front for Daniel Micay's untreated and unhinged narcissistic paranoid schizophrenia. (As if I have any right to discuss on how others are unhinged... “Linux-fueled Thoughts Unhinged” automatically disqualifies me from “gossiping” about others, but regardless I will push on)

As I always, say: the internet is inappropriate for those with serious underlying mental health issues — however, this is neither the time nor the place to elucidate further on this matter.

Signal moving to remove SMS on Android (October 2022)

Signal made an announcement stating that SMS messaging will be removed.

I had actually stopped this behavior on my phone a long time ago — at least in mid-2021? This was because I actually thought that SMS had already been removed from Signal, but maybe that's my déjà vu taking advantage of my easily impressionable subconsciousness.

Micay made a Twitter thread on this reasoning, but honestly I think the summary of this answer should be given in the Matrix room, instead of the (already abridged yet still too long) version dumped into Twitter, which is a horrible medium for making the Semantic Web function properly (let alone preserve).

Also, what is the point of trying to tweet at these barely literate cryptocoin shilling techbro fuckbois actual information if they literally cannot comprehend tweets fewer than 140 characters in length? Please see how a certain techbro erroneously believes iOS allows users to use a different SMS app besides the stock Apple Messages app and thinks that Molly not being able to use SMS is a bug when this fact is literally posted on the Molly homepage and on the project's README on GitHub. This is such a low bar of (contextual) intelligence to clear that I will indigently refuse to link the respective answers to both the Molly homepage or Molly's GitHub repo, because help vampires that have somehow passed my hyperbolic boundary of patience and running amok on the other side of infinity need to be Thanos snapped out of existence.

(Yes, I'm like Elliot Alderson — I think most Marvel movies are stupid, but also the Thanos snapping reference is one of the objectively good phenomena to come out of the MCU. But the neglected Marvel TV shows, like Legion or Cloak and Dagger? C'mon, you're ripping us off here.)

Google passive aggressively ignoring Mullvad's filed Android issue reports

Mullvad made a blog post about Android leaking traffic connectivity checks. As part of another Twitter thread, likely in response to increased public coverage of GrapheneOS, Micay posts where these connection checking services can be altered on the GrapheneOS website.

I wish there were actionable directions that an “idiot” like Louis Rossmann can read and understand (and warnings about the consequences of all possible choices), rather than vague directions that take only up to 1 minute to follow thinly spread out in prose more dense than in most academic physics articles. My “Michael Bazzel” type of advice is to avoid tinkering with the options for DNS or the time checking services. A development team, such as for GrapheneOS, should actively make decisions on those low level details — not some rando who thinks they know a lot about internet privacy after spending too much time with the adult children of the GrapheneOS Matrix room.

A project like GrapheneOS potentially endorsing an app is like a humanities organization endorsing a political candidate — this is why organizations like the ACLU and EFF do not endorse political candidates currently running for office.

Random crap close enough to Jeremy Soller's Twitter feed

I have no idea why Jeremy Soller, of System76, even tweets. Is he literally playing 4D chess to market himself, System76, and his Redox project all at once? At least he's not a stuffy boomer, like: Linus Torvalds of the Linux kernel (which is technically a lie, since basically legions of programmers code most of the Linux kernel, yet Torvalds takes all of the credit in the public's eye); Richard Stallman of the GNU Foundation; whoever the BDFLs are in Vim and Slackware, respectively; and Leah Rowe of Libreboot.

The best tools right now are made in teams. Signal (for better or worse) no longer relies on Moxie Marlinspike to code or maintain the servers anymore in 2022. System76 is a small company making better changes to what should be Ubuntu than Canonical itself. (Also, screw Red Hat Enterprise Linux — you know that the NSA acts as Janus with RHEL: the agency both hardens RHEL servers, yet also sits on various CVEs for RHEL to attack the rest of the world that made the first good step of not running Windows Server.) Nobody at Linux Mint actually tries to push his/her/their own public image as “leader of Linux Mint”. Nirav Patel at Framework does not seem to be the type of person to claim that the entirely of Framework stands upon only his shoulders. Arch Linux and Alpine Linux are both run by their respective teams. Even Gentoo has to maintain its fiances.

You either adapt and become the modern stoic chad who everyone is generally fine with, such as Soller; or you die like a stuffy weirdo in projects that decide to continuously dysfunction under BDFLs. Daniel Micay will not be able to change as a person, before GrapheneOS becomes this quaint project that Snowden praised some time ago in the distant past... when someone of Andrew Huang's caliber comes around, functionally performs everything Micay and the GOS team currently does (not the CS definition of “function”), and does not have to become a SJW to actually be objectively progressive — yet does not needlessly piss everyone off due to a pathetic ego fueled by Twitter's black boxed adtech algorithm. Physicists or statistical mechanics who change the time scale to centuries say that glass is a fluid, yet that is exactly how Micay's personality is: basically a solid on the time scale/order of 1-5 years.

Not to be arrogant, but... at least I will not be making the same mistakes as Micay.

Anyways, here are the random bits.

Amazing art mirror

I wish I knew where this mirror was located.

Why does tech in the greater Boston area suck?

This tweet confirms that New England thinks financial tech (or “fintech”, as “journalism” is calling it these days).

Zachary (@a1p1n3) and iOS jailbreaking

Was this man responsible for one of the 2-3 main jailbreaking methods, back during the iPhone 4/4s or iPhone 5 era?

Regardless, I am glad that this hacker is most certainly not in jail... since most unstructured hackers end up in jail.

Not a great trend for us fellow “hackers”. I am using MacKenzie Wark's definition of a hacker, so more than just the computer hackers.


from The Warubozu Usagi

3:41 pm

Overparked at Decca's Spaceport 13F, a day away from being impounded

The crew is standing inside an empty warehouse with their client in front of them and a vertical transport pod behind him.

Unknown: Hi everyone, I'm Doogé. So glad to meet all of you in person and thank you for delivering my coffee beans! Now, I'd like to acquire your services once again. And as unseemly as my actions appear, I had to test you to see if you were capable.

WU: Hello Doogé. May I call you Dawg?

Doogé: No, you may not.

(Syvil whacks Wu-chan on the arm)

WU: Okay, well Doogé, I'm Warubozu Usagi but you can just call me Captain.

Doogé: I shall call you Wu.

WU: How 'bout you call me Cap?

Doogé: Wu.

WU: Cappo?

Doogé: Wu.

WU: Cappy?

Doogé: Wu.

WU: Wu it is. This is Syvil, that's Shoko, and in the rear is Red.

Doogé: Hi, nice to meet you all. So, here's the plan. You come with me in my vertical transport pod to my place and I'll explain the whole deal and why I needed to test you. Sound good?

S: Nice try but we're not falling for the same trick twice, mister.

WU: (expressing consternation at Syvil before turning back) What she means is, we need assurances this isn't just a game with another trap.

S: No, I mean we're done here.

Doogé: (laughing in a jolly way) Ah ha ha ha! My deepest and most sincere apologies. I just dropped 10% into your account. Does that help?

SM: (looks at tablet, screen glowing gold) Yep, we just got...whoa that's a lot of money!

RP: (peers over and eyes glaze over) I, I, I've never seen so much money in our account.

S: (takes a look, then turns to Wu-chan) Meh. What'd I say, Warui? Kills us then steals from us.

WU: (walks back to look) Yatta! And that's just 10%?

Doogé: Yep. Hey, I got snacks. You want snacks? I got beer and Amaricka wine, too!

Crew: NO.

WU: Yes!

Doogé: Ah ha ha ha! You need parking validation? Free parking! I have a masseuse and a hot tub! Who wants to party in a hot tub!

Crew: NO.

WU: Yes! Partay!

Doogé: Ah ha ha ha!

RP: Why can't you just tell us the proposal right here?

Doogé: (pointing to eye and ear then up to the sky)

WU: (copying Doogé)

Doogé: Exactly.

WU: I don't get it.

S: (whacks Wu-chan on the arm) How are you not comprehending this?

WU: Well I'm sorry but I didn't go to sign language school.

S: (expressionless) ...

WU: ...

Doogé: There are tiny visual and audio recording drones the size of a plum flying all around us.

WU: Ohhhh.

WU: Guys, look, let's just hang with ol Doogie here.

Doogé: Doogé.

WU: Right. And we'll listen to the proposal over a meal then have some alcohol...

Doogé: ...just beer and wine...

WU: ...yeah beer. We'll have some beer while we talk about the proposal and I swear if the three of you still want out, we'll bail. Sound good, guys?

RP: Cap, I'll go where you go. Unless you go over a cliff and die. Or if you walk into a haunted house. Other than that, I'll right behind ya!

SM: Well, if Red wants to go, I'm in. Syvil.

S: Hell, I knew this would happen. Warui, I'm going to kill you if we die.

WU: Syvil, that's the oldest trope in the book, but, yay! Ikemashou, and away we go!

(and down the vertical transport pod they went)


from Paul Sutton

Expanded Functional groups in Organic Chemistry

Compound Chemistry have some really good resource. From time to time some of these are expanded with even more information.

fuctional groups

Adds some more functional groups what is already a really good resource.




from Paignton Library STEM Group

Expanded Functional groups in Organic Chemistry

Compound Chemistry have some really good resource. From time to time some of these are expanded with even more information.

fuctional groups

Adds some more functional groups what is already a really good resource.




from Paul Sutton

World Cup 2022 – 4

Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022

Friday 9th Dec


Winner E v F Runner-up15:00Winner G v H Runner-up Winner A v Winner b 19:00Winner C v D Runner-up

Saturday 10th Dec


Winner F v E Runner-up15:00Winner H v G Runner-up Winner B v A Runner-up19:00Winner D v C Runner-up



from Paul Sutton

Shymyder Cup

On Saturday 3rd December, there was a Charity American Football game taking place in Bristol UK. The trojans put forward several players.

This game is for charity and will see Team USA take on Team Europe

Team Europe 39 ish – 12 USA

cup info

Game recording



#AmericanFootball,#CheersmateProductions,#SchmyderCup,#TeamUSA, #TeamEurope,#Charity,#MentalHealth


from Paul Sutton

A new supercomputer simulation animates the evolution of the universe

The infant universe transforms from a featureless landscape to an intricate web in a new supercomputer simulation of the cosmos’s formative years.

An animation from the simulation shows our universe changing from a smooth, cold gas cloud to the lumpy scattering of galaxies and stars that we see today. It’s the most complete, detailed and accurate reproduction of the universe’s evolution yet produced, researchers report in the November Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Another step forward in our understanding of the Universe.


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from Journal infime

15 janvier 2015

Une moue impertinente, un soupçon d’espièglerie au coin des yeux et un collier d’éclats de rire sont de parfaits artifices pour mieux dissimuler ma petite robe noire râpée.

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