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from Paul Sutton

Catfish – file search

For some reason, XFCE doesn't come with a pre-installed file search facility and thunar lacks this feature.

However you can use the command line to search for files

find -name “file.png” for example

However this isn't really an option for a lot of users. The solution is a program called catfish, ( i guess you fish for files).

apt install catfish as root of course

Enter the file you are looking for in to the search box and press enter -


Results will be displayed


Hopefully this is helpful. I have asked about this on #debian and it seems to be something that needs to be addressed.


from Paul Sutton

Safeguarding website error

Application forms for school work in Torbay include a section on safeguarding.

SCHOOL NAME is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and applicants must be willing to undergo the checks appropriate to the post applied for. By signing this application form you are confirming your agreement/commitment.  
For further information visit

This section directs the applicant to For a long time now, this website has produced errors. I tried to add https:// in front and ended up with the 2nd error below. So basically I can't get to the website. Not even knowing what SWCPP stands for, I can't even use duckduckgo to look it up.

error 1

error 2

I am NOT IMPRESSED in any shape way or form. I can't contact the above website via e-mail either as both webmaster@ and info@ both get messaged returned. So can't even let them know about this.

The website does appear to be up, as it is possible to ping it.

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=51 time=37.7 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=51 time=37.7 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=51 time=37.7 ms
^C64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=51 time=37.5 ms

You would think schools, who CLAIM to take safeguarding seriously, would at least check links on application forms (and elsewhere) work properly and review their application forms from time to time. I think this would be called due diligence. This would help identify problems early on. Even more so if those links are to a place that explain what background checks are.

Attempts to try and inform schools that the link does not work, have just fallen on deaf ears sadly.

If anyone does have concerns they can contact who should be able to help, or of course contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) of the school.

I am making this post here to highlight the issue, hopefully someone will take notice. I have zero hope of this however.

At least 3 schools (including a primary school) in Torbay have been mentioned on too.

If anyone is able to contact the website, please can you let them know, it is broken and let schools know if this link is on application forms let the school know.

Contrast this experience to the recent problem with this blog (502 error), contacted the site owner and it got fixed pretty quickly.

Of course, this blog is just a personal site. Somehow a website that is to do with keeping children and young people safe is far more important to keep working or at least it could redirect to a working alternative website. .


from Paul Sutton

Growing Salt Crystals

As Salt (Sodium Chloride) dissolves in water, you can grow salt crystals quite easily. There are lots of instructions on the internet, on how to do this with Salt, as well as other chemicals; such as, Alum (Aluminium Sulfate), Borax (Sodium Borate) for example.

For the purpose of my attempt, I used

*a conical flask from my old Chemistry set,
* a wooden lollipop stick, * string * paper clip (to hold the string in the solution)

This is illustrated in the first picture, while the 2nd is a photo of the resulting crystal formation.

Flask Crystals

Update 17/10/2021

I took more photos on the 4th October to illustrate further growth of the crystals

one two three

It is probably worth mentioning that table salt contains Sodium Chloride but also a Anti caking agent called Sodium Ferrycyanide which according to that wikipedia article is a yellow solid.

I am not sure if this somehow affects the growth or shape of the resultng crystals. At some point I should try the same experiment pure NaCl




from Paul Sutton

NFL London 2

The second NFL London game of 2021 is

Date : Sunday, Oct 17 Time : 14:30 Venue : Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – London Teams : Miami Dolphins V Jacksonville Jaguars

It looks like it will be shown on BBC 2



from Paul Sutton

From Venice to the edge of the Universe

Interesting video from the European space agency. This was posted to Mastodon so I am sharing here.

A video produced for the Hubble traveling exhibition Our Place in Space in 2017, zooms from Venice out through the Solar System, the Milky Way, the Local Group and into the cosmic web

4 minute video



#Video, #Space, #ESA,


from Kat.

I find empathy a weird word, who would make such a word if that didn´t really exist. It dosen´t apply to anyone. You can be the nicest person on the PLANET and I would not say you are the definition of empathy. Why? Because we all have our flaws. And we all have our thoughts.

¨I wish she would go away..¨

¨He is so annoying..¨

¨What a b1tcH..¨

¨Is this kid dumb..¨

I mean, its no secret, everyone has them. You, me , everyone. Even your idol. Dosen´t matter who you are, were your from, your just as bad as the rest of us. But hey, we like to put on a show and make everyone pleased so we don´t have a judgmental figure. Honestly, everyone's sticking around for their own benefit.

¨His parents are filthy rich..¨

¨She´s so pretty, if I was her friend I would´nt be avoided..¨

¨Maybe if we dated, I could get closer to his friend..¨

Eh, I mean, everyone human. And as sad as it gets, we suck. We say things we dont mean, or we do. We care so much about our figure. Who cares at this point? I dont see any reason to try and make this world ¨a better place¨.

Were just a bunch of needy addicts. |)|\


from Rocky Mountain Exteriors

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from Darkened underpass

Participatory data stewardship : A framework for involving people in the use of data orignail text

如何”捲動”資料數據的各方人員(尤其是”所有權人” owner)積極地參與數據資料的處理使用傳播 等過程,也就是本報告希望提出一套建議的參與式管理框架

在本文中出現的 “beneficiary” 一辭有點近似於”stakeholders”,但是更突顯出受益(正向影響)於數據的關係(或曰暗指數據能對社會/個人/群體帶來”好處”而受惠) > In other words, we use the term ‘beneficiary’ to encompass anyone who might be affected by the use of data beyond simply the data subjects – those who have the potential to benefit from participatory data stewardship – and this helps to move beyond a compliance-based approach to a model that is underpinned by social license.


#notetaking #reading


from Autac, Inc.

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from isd

Bohato xto hadaje, ge do tcoho zvykly, tomu take vsjudy tak i je. Ale, tse ne tak, navitj v megax kyrylytsjy.


Kogen narid mav svij smak zapysa bukv, v tomu tcyslji i ukrajynsjkyj. Na galj, zvytcaj tcerez zhubnu polityky moskovctcyny zaraz v megax marqinaljnoho stana. Dekotri poctovxy robe napryklad Tcebanyk zi svojym cryftom «Rutenija», ale tam suto nepraktytcni pidxody i zamysluvati psevdonaukovi leqendy.

Je ctce takyj pryklad, de vidbuly sja dekotri zaminy vyhljada bukv do rannjoji kyrylytsjy, jak na zobrazji dalji. Osoblyvo do smaku bukva з, bo ne plutaje sja z tcyslom try.

Solidarnistj Lytvy

Tym tcasom dobre isnujutj serbsjki i bolqarsjki ustavy.

Prytcomu druhi provodjatj zmahy, pocyrjujutj bezkoctovno i provely standart. Same te pysjmo nam ± znajome, bo to je po sutji prjamyj kursyv i dekotri velyki ukrajynsjki kompanijy, jak ot «Morcynsjka», zastosuvaly v svojyx potrebax. Takog je zakosy pid latynytsju, ctco menji teg do smaku, tomu vgyvaju pry zmozji.


Cryft povynen maty pidtrymku tsjoji lokaljy. Ale minjaty lokalu ne duge xotju, bo xotju zberehty ukrajynsjku. Tomu jakctco mova pro bravzer, todi mogna prysunuty vidpovidnoho css-a za dopomohoju np Stajlusa:

* {
    -webkit-locale: "bg" !important;
    -moz-font-language-override: "BGR" !important;

from isd

#mova #ukrajynsjka

Balujemo sja z porjadkamy bukv v abettsji i prydajemo dodatkovi smysly. Jakctco batcyc desj v mene spysky, to vony skorjic za vsjoho vporjadkovani za abetkoju, kotra vydobuta tut.


e y i u o a m n p b t d k q ts dz tc dg s z c g f x h v j r l

Brav nadxnennja z korejsjkoji abetky, de pryholosni ne lyce vidobragajutj pervnu vymovu, a takog vporjadkovani za vymovoju. Tut vse tak samo, tiko ctce pidkrjipjeno mignarodnoju fonetytcnoju abetkoju. Za hluxymy odrazu idutj dzvinki.

Za rjadamy: holosni; nosovi; proryvni; afrykaty; sybmiljanty: cypjatci, necypjatci; aproksymanty + drygatci.

Za stovbamy tcjitka struktura vidstupiv: hubni, zubni, dorsaljni + recta. Takog vydni tcerhy, prytcomu prytcynnyky j ta i pidpyrajutj stovb:

  • prjami, tobto narostkovi: t → ts — bohatо → bohatsjko, d → dz — ljud → ljudztvo, k → tc — kozak → kozatcka, q → dg — dzyqa → dzydgka, x → c — muxa → mucka, h → g — noha → nigka;

  • zsuv v odyn bik, vidminkovi do djijosliv: t → tc, — platyty → platcu, d → dg — xodyty → xodgu;

  • prjamyj zvuv v odyn bik, te same: s → c — prosyty → procu, z → g — kazaty → kagu;

  • zsuv v druhyj bik, vidminkovi do imennykiv: k → ts — ruka → rutsji, q → dz — dzyqa → dzydzji, x → s — muxa → musji, h → z — noha → nozji.

Otcevydno, zhadani dva djijoslivnyx zsuva robjatj i razom: zd — jizdyty → jigdgu, st — prostyty → proctcu.

Jak vydno, duge zrutcno, abetka vge peredstavjaje soboju ctconajmence dvi sxemy: vymovy i tcerhy.


Mogna perevernuty tablytsju, aby bulo zrutcnjice za holosnymy, de porjadok znajomyj z urokiv muzyky, i blyzce za strukturoju do korejsjkoji. Podjil za stovbamy vge skladnjicyj, bo tut mozok vge vraxovuje ne lyce vid, a i do zhadnoho stovba j z i.


n m k q t d p b tc dg ts dz c g s z x h f l r j v a o u i y e
н м к ґ т д п б ч џ ц ѕ ш ж с з х г ф л р ь в а о у і и е

Pro vsjak dodav kyrylytsju. Ctce z pryjemnoho, pryholosni zavercujutj sja zvukamy, kotri buvajutj pivholosnymy, a otge majemo ctce plavnoho perexoda do holosnyx. Ctcodo spolutcnoji holosnoji, to naj zalycaje sja e, pak to ostannja bukva.


b v h q d g z j k l m n p r s t f x ts tc c

Jakctco prybraty holosni, to mogna pobatcyty pevni zakonomirnostjy. Kursyvom poznatceni vynjatky.

Spercu idutj dzvinki, a potim hluxi.

Porjadok dzvinkyx: hubni, zadnji, zubni.

Porjadok hluxyx vge jak kaca. Ctco ne duge dyvno, bo znatcna tcastyna bukv poza heladzjkoji abetky i dodani navmannja, a heladzjka teg v svoju tcerhu brala tcugu abetku pid sebe, zvuky zaznaly zminy i takymy buly pryxopyleni do kyrylytsjy. Xotca korenevyj porjadok ± vydnyj: hubni, zubni, «dyxaljni».


from isd

#mova #ukrajynsjka #pereklad #porada

Dejaki zauvahy i sposterehy.


Budj-jaka slovjansjka mova maje nakazovoho sposoba, ale dekotri, jak ot moskovsjka, ne majutj joho jak za dergavnoji ustalenoji normy. Tobto moskovsjka teg maje nakazovoho, ale ne radjatj joho zastosovuvaty. Sumno, ale zvytcaj perejcov i do nas. Tobto umovne anqlijsjke enter, zauvagu — bez to popered, bude perekladeno jak vvesty, dekotri navitj propyxujtuj nepotrjibnu mylozvutcnistj — uvesty. Ale ne perekladajutj za prykladom hyncyx slovjan, jak vvedy tcy vvedjitj, ctco loqitcnjice i, ctco tcastjice — tcasom tse vaglyvo, korotce.

Tcasto mavpujutj moskovsjke picly i picov zamistj pidjitj i pidy, Osj tcomu sjmiju sja z vyraza picov naxuj, bo to zvutce jak zjvit abo tupistj, ctco radce tak i je.

Za pravopysom i slovnykamy dekotri djijoslova ne majutj nakazovoho tcy vidpovidnoji formy dlja mnogyny, natomistj radjatj dopomignoho djijoslova: dadutj vidpovidj. Ale jakctco vidstupyty vid dergavnoji, to zvertaj uvahu na podibnyx, vidpovisty podibne do djijosliv zi kintsjom na -sty, z kotryx je z-jisty. Otge jakctco kagec z-jig i z-jidjatj, to otrymujec vidpovig i vidpovidjatj. Ne zabuvaj, ge za dergavnoju taki djijoslova 2-oji osoby odnyny majutj kintsja -sy, a ne -c: z-jisy i vidpovisy, a ne z-jic i vidpovic, xotca take je.


from isd

#mova #ukrajynsjka #porada

Kolysj vira bula najvaglyvicym vyznatcnykom samobutnostjy. Zaraz vona sutjovo postupyla sja, ale mova zalycaje buty odnym z najvaglyvicym.


Stosuje dlja budj-jakoji movy. Najprostjice i najcvydce — prosto gyty v pevnomu movnomu seredovyctcji, tobto tobi treba znajty joho i zabuty toho, do kotroho zvyk.

Potcynajec zi vsjyma spilkuvaty sja ukrajynsjkoju, navitj z davnjymy znajomymy. Mogec cukaty dlja tsjoho budj-jaki vypravdavky. Tak, spercu bude hetj pohano, ale bez godnoho dosjvida nijak otrymujec navitj ctcosj prytome. Znajdy novyx znajomyx, kotri majutj sxogi hobi.


Spysok, populjarne. Jakctco tam vypadkovo opynylo sja bohatomovne — teg unykajec. Tse stosuje i novynarnj, jakctco batcyc, ge novyny je takog moskovsjkoju, to unykaj, bo skorjic za vsjoho ukrajynsjka tam macynnyj pereklad.


Tut hovorju za Xroma i Quqla. Quql, bo vin poky jedynnyj vidomyj menji pocukovyk, kotryj cukaje za movoju, a ne mistsynoju. Tak, poznatcka «Ukrajyna», na galj, ne zavgdy oznatcaje «ukrajynsjka mova». Tog:

  1. Perejdy sjudy, sposoby:

    • Lacty → Pocukova systema → Keruvannja pocukovymy systemamy
    • PKM na adresnomu polji → Keruvannja pocukovymy systemamy
    • Prosto vvidj v adresne pole:

  2. Vydaljajec Jandeks i podibne lajno, jakctco tam take je. Robe sja tse tak: tytsny na trykrapky porutc → Vydalyty zi spysku. A tak, prodovgymo svoje: tytsny na knopku Dodaty.
  3. Tam bude try polja

    • Pocukova systema — to prosto nazva, mogna nazvaty budj-jak, napryklad prosto Quql,
    • Kljutc — teg na svij smak, napryklad q. To zrutcno, koly tcasto gytkujec dekiljkoma pocukovykamy. Umovno maju ctce kljutca b dlja Bynja, todi jakctco ja vvedu b [slovo] v adresnomu polji, to pocuk slova bude v Bynji.
    • URL-adresa z %s zamistj zapytu — najvaglyvica tcastyna. Tut vstav zapyt, kotryj usuvaje moskovsjku:
  4. Zroby ustavnym tsej zapyt. Robe sja tse tak: tytsny na try krapky porutc → Ustanovyty za umovtcannjam. Teper mogec cukaty z adresnoho polja bez kljutca.

Hynkoly odnakovo vlaze moskovsjka, todi na pomitc pryxode obmegnyk vyvida jak dodatok.


Spercu zaznatcu, ge je taki ponjattja jak dergavna i uzusna mova, hovirky, slenq itd. Jakctco batcyc jakisj porady ctcodo vgytku slova tcy ctcosj takoho, to je radce stosuje same dergavnoji movy, a ne uzusnoji, tobto pobutovoji. Xotca tcasom porady zaxodjatj i dlja uzusnoji. A ctcodo dgerel dlja utcby tcy tcohosj toho, to radju spysky na Stetsji.


from isd

#mova #ukrajynsjka

Zvisno, tut lyce pro dergavnu movu i vymovu. Rozhljanu perevagno kyrylytcnu, a latynytcnu — hetj troxy.


Vony spravdi zajvi, bo bez nyx abetka prodovguvaty maty jme svoju djiju, tomu cutky na zrazok «nomo todi vsjo vykydaty» — bude ne duge doretcnoju, pak take vge zdijsneno v hyncyx movax.

Zahalom mogna pozbuty sja ctconajmence 6 znakiv.


Po sutji to spoluka dvox zvukiv, vidomi pid zapysom ш i ч. Duge ljubjatj zhaduvaty dovge ljasjke szcz, ale pry tsjomu zabuvaty, ge my obydva pycemo dzvinkoho vidpovidnyka trjoma bukvamy ждж, kotryj xotc i rjidkicyj, ale je, naprykald приїжджати. Varto zauvagyty, ge tut дж odyn zvuk.

Takog tsja bukva porucuje harmoniju tcerhuvannj pryholosnyx. My znajemo pro taki zminy: з → ж — казати → кажу, д → дж — ходити → ходжу, tomu z spoluky зд lehko otrymujemo ждж — їздити → їжджу. A koly vzjaty hluxi vidpovidnyky, to z ст otrymujemo ne vidpovidne шч, a okremu bukvu — просити → прошу, платити → плачу, простити → прошчу.

Otge, na ujavne skorotcennja slova my otrymujemo okremu bukvu, kotra tjahne za soboju tcymali cary, kotryx treba dodatkovo vyvtcaty i rozumity. Jakctco omynuty latynytcni abetky slovjansjkyx, to znatcna tcastyna kyrylytcnyx teg vykynula: bilorusjka i pd-slovjansjkа. V druhyx vidbula sja zamina na vidpovidne шт. Takog mogna zauvagyty, ge dlja moskovsjkoji to odyn dovhyj zvuk, xotca jakctco duge postaraty sja, to i tam mogna pozbuty.

Jakctco hovoryty pro moju latynku, to tut vona ctc, jakctco z dijakrytykoju — .


Zadum ne novyj, sproba drahomanivky i vdala vi vukovytsji. Prytcomu zaraz dekotri i tak robjatj zaminy: єe, ї → і, rjidce й → и. Otcevydno, vplyv moskovsjkoji movy i ljinjky peremykaty sja na ukrajynsjku rozkladku. Takog mogna zhadaty pro: nepysannja apostrofa, zvykloji spoluky йо i ьо. Zdijsneno na praktytsji vukovytsjoju. Tog bez jotovanyx holosnyx abetka sxudne na tcotyry bukvy, a takog na apostrof tcy znaka dlja jota abo mjakostjy. Krasce znaka, bo apostrofa mogna zaminyty abo zastosuvaty ctce desj.

I tut mogna pohovoryty pro harmoniju tcerhuvannj, jakctco totcnjice — slovotvoriv: брат — [nemaje] брат-а, кінь — [nemaje] коня. Znov te same, slovo natce korotce, ale z nym musymo vyvtcaty dodatkovi cary, maty ponjattja tverdi i mjaki imennyky, xotca pravyla vsjudy odnakovi. Te same z narostkamy: дол-ина, ale країна — tut odyn narostok yna, i takoho bohato de.


Vidsutni bukvy do tzv zvukiv дж i дз, xotca bukvy isnujutj, napryklad џ i ѕ vidpovidno.

Sumno, ale latynytcni abetky teg zazvytcaj ne majutj okremyx bukv dlja nyx i teg zapysujtuj vidpovidno jak abo i dz. Moja latynytcna abetka syljno vydozminena, tomu jakctco vykorystovuvaty dijakrytyku, to dz, dg, ts i tc lehko zaminjujutj sja vidpovidno na ž, ǧ, š i č. Ale ja ne vykorystovuju dijakrytyku, bo znaju, ge pry drutsji vona bohatjma unykaje sja i sprostcuje sja.


Loqitcnistj takog vnose sja v slovnykovyj porjadok. Jotovani roztacovani tak: є, ї, ю, я, xotca zvytcni zvuky roztacovani tak: а, е, и, і, у. Ctco ne duge dyvno, bo є i ї ranjice ne buly jotovanymy, a vstavky bukv vidbuvaly sja v rizni tcasy.

Znatcno sprostce sja texnitcna skladova.


а б в г ґ д е ж з ѕ и і к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч џ ш ь
a b c č d e f g ǧ h i j k l m n o p q r s š t u v x y z ž